7 Advantages of Being A Product Designer

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Product Design is a specialized professional discipline that entails managing the entire design process of a product, from analysing the end user, understanding his tastes, habits, his frustrations, pain points & identifying the market opportunity etc. to designing & developing a solution, to making prototypes and also validating the user experience with the end user. 

This solution can involve the improvement of an existing product to enhance its user experience or developing an entirely new product and/or service. He has to liaison between designers, researchers, and engineers. 

Advantages of Being A Product Designer:

Product Designing is multifaceted: Product design is a discipline that involves art, business as well as engineering. While you identify a need as well as an opportunity, you develop a new concept and engineer it into a product and/or service, at the same time crafting ways to market the concept. In a way, product design is an amalgamation of aesthetic tastes, functionality and financial considerations.

Thus, Product design strengthens skillset that makes you invaluable for many job functions in different job markets, across the world.

Entrepreneurial thinking: A Product Designer can understand business needs, look objectively at insights, sales, and financials, besides thinking innovatively. His curious nature and openness to learn and align with objectives, business strategies, as well as collaborate with other teams is an invaluable asset for any company. He can be a boss by starting his own consultancy working with multiple companies or can start his own manufacturing or marketing firm.

Motivated, Self-driven and takes initiative: In today’s competitive world things move fast. You need to continually innovate to stay relevant and competitive. Product Designers take ownership and drive towards the solution, be it to launch a new product or service or set up a workshop or build a new process or further still improvement of an existing product.

Simplify complication: Product Designers are capable in simplifying the processes so as to reduce complexities in lives of the customers thus offering him an awesome simplified product experience.  

Resilience with ability to learn from failures: In the Product design process, failure is an essential step for success, since each failure, each iteration brings you closer to achieving the best solutions. The important thing in life is what you learn from your failures and how resilient are you.

Multiple Career options: Product design offers you the potential to be employed in different fields, few of which are mentioned below:

  • Product/Industrial Designer: Your role involves utilizing your competencies in technology, and manufacturing methods to not only to launch new products but also to improve the designs of the existing products by enhancing their utility. 
  • Exhibition Designer: Your role involves communicating client’s message and products USP and are responsible for managing large public exhibitions, showcase events, cultural exhibitions for museum, trade conferences, trade shows etc. Besides this, you also are accountable for handling the budgets. 
  • Clothing/Textile technologist:  Your role involves evaluating new cloth designs and fabrics, their quality etc. besides sourcing of relevant fabrics or textiles. Additionally, you will be responsible for developing of products, improving of quality and efficiency.

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