Build a Powerful Brand Identity with Right type of Logo Design

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“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs” ― Karl Lagerfeld

In the changing marketing landscape, your brand identity has the incredible worth to keep your business on edge and to remain competitive to withstand your position globally. Therefore, it is imperative to select a logotype that perfectly matches your brand persona and compliment your reason for existence. Designing a logo is a challenging errand that needs focus on various aspects before deciding on which one is best for your business.  However, there are specific pros and cons of each type, but if you understand each logotype it will be easier for you to decide.

Your brand identity is influenced by a number of factors out of which the design of your logo plays an indispensable role in making your audience remember your brand. Therefore, experts usually recommend hiring a professional graphic designer from a leading design agency to create for you a custom logo design of your choice. For instance, LogoOrbit is one artistic design agency known for its exceptional design skills and has hands-on expertise in creating some spectacular logo designs.  Below described some of the most used logotypes by top organizations.

Lettermark Logos

Some of the popular companies including NASA, Disney and BBC are great examples which are using lettermark logos commonly known as typography-oriented logo type. They are best for organizations who have names that are difficult to pronounce and are great in length. It however condenses 3 or 4 large words into a crisp yet short logo which becomes easy to remember. In this type of logo design, you have to ensure using a font that won’t be outdated soon and keep it aligned with the modern logo design trends.  They are quite easy to comprehend yet simple enough to create immediate recognition.

Combination Logos

If you check the logo design of Pizza Hut or Burger King you are going to find a mixture of text with a symbol or icon and that is how combination logos look like. They are known as all-round logos which is a good match if you want to provide additional clarity about what your business is all about. You can smartly use short text to complement a symbol or icon to make people recall visual easily with your brand name. For new businesses, it is a great option as it helps them capitalize from both the typography and a unique symbol. Having said that, they are complex in nature and requires a design specialist to get it done right.

Abstract Logos

It has been backed by research that customers are more likely to recall abstract logotypes because of its unique design with the sophisticated use of graphical elements. The only challenge of this type of logo design is, it seems tough to comprehend the design but powerful enough to create a memorable spark. It is undoubtedly a good fit for giant businesses in diversified industries for instance brands who are dealing with garments and physical recreation activities can go for abstract logos to embellish an abstract symbol element or icon into their market offerings. It has the power to allure customers at first glance and above all, it triggers curiosity and convinces people to search for your products or services which eventually a great way to increase your sales.  

Character/Mascot Logo

The name character or mascot logos itself revealing the description of this kind of logo design– it looks like a mascot/character that is going to represent your brand. If you want to personalize your brand or to give it a face or a thrilling message to who you are and what unique you are offering as a company than character logos can help you in successfully reaching out to your consumers. It can influence the way the audience perceives your business as it can be altered to a variety of shapes and sizes when used appropriately. They are the best fit for brands who are seeking to showcase a fun yet the friendly aura of their brand while creating goodwill of your mascot.

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos are the one in which the typography is the centerpiece and includes the company name. For instance, Google and The New York Times are the perfect representation of wordmark logos. They are an excellent choice for businesses whose names are quite interesting and artistic. It can also be your best fit if you are planning to use your logo on different mediums to create brand awareness. Moreover, it can be helpful even when you want a vivid, unique color or a typeface in your logo.

Wrapping Up

One final tip, which is something crucial to keep your brand on top of your target audience mind: when you are finalizing the logotype for your business do not forget the key ingredients that hold power to either make or break your brand identity. Firstly, have a thorough knowledge of the target audience that you’re going to serve – secondly, your competition with other brands pertaining in the market. Thirdly, the industry you are dealing with. Last and the most important is to consider the positioning of your brand image that you want to retain as your decision will have a significant effect on your business. Therefore, it is better to conduct rigorous research and take an informed decision, or you can consult a professional graphic designer who can help you throughout the process of logo design from scratch to final design.

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