Classic Family Escapes For Enjoyment

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In the world, we are blessed with beautiful coasts, countryside and cities. There’s always so much to do and see – which is excellent for families when they are looking to go away for a few days without the hassle of leaving the country. If you are in a similar position, you might be wondering where to head for the next bank holiday week or short summer holiday, without having to get on a plane to do so. So think about what kind of breaks your family members enjoy, and read my recommendations for each type of holiday below. You’ll be packing up your car and heading for fun in no time.

Thrill seekers

Even if you’ve only got one full day for your getaway, there are places in the world that are perfect for thrill seekers. In the forests we have high ropes adventures, and away from these we also have theme parks that contend amongst the most excellent in the world. A favorite of mine is Alton Towers as their family short breaks include something for all of our clan – I opt for the spa by the way. There are other ways to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie though, why not consider learning to surf or starting a beginner’s course in sailing?

Seaside goers

Speaking of water activities, there are many families that would prefer to enjoy the sea shore in a more relaxed fashion. Buckets and spades, fish and chips, rock and fudge – our seaside towns hold a special place in our history and hearts. Some towns traditionally have a number of bed and breakfasts and hotels for you to choose from, or if you are feeling a little more adventurous you might choose to camp instead.

Nature lovers

If you are a camping type of family, there are plenty of other places to fulfill your passion away from the sand and surf. There are so many forest and parks in our country that are waiting to be explored. Places like the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Exmoor National Park are wild and varied and make brilliant destinations for walkers and hikers. There are some interesting towns located near or in national park areas too, such as Windermere in the Lake District and Exeter near Dart moor.

City explorers

If you are keen to hit the shops and make the most of pubs and restaurants, our cities won’t disappoint. Even if you live near a major city, there will surely be something there that you’ve never seen before such as a museum or exhibition. There are lots of course will always be a major draw for families in as there is really something for everyone. The museums involve everything from history to celebrities, and the shops are second to none.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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