What To Consider As Your Business Grows In Size

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Isn’t it exciting when your business grows from strength to strength? This is especially impressive after relatively troubled times in many markets over the past few years. Yet if you have weathered the storm and come out on the other side even stronger, this might say something about you as a company. And if you are expecting to see even more growth now that the markets are getting better once again, it is probably the right time to make sure you do things properly.

So here are five things to keep in mind as your business grows in size; they should be very helpful for your future success…

Client handling

Regardless of how much you have grown and in what amount of time, it is important to remember the people and companies that helped to get you to where you are. That means you should continue to do amazing work with your existing clients, as they have been the backbone to your organisation. Even if you do have bigger clients in sight, you should always do the right thing when it comes to those who are currently paying your wages.


This idea falls into the wider category of professionalism, something that is especially important as a business grows. Many start-ups can work on a casual and non-formal basis, but this approach does not often work for those who are more established. That is because the right structures and processes can ensure that work gets done on time, and that clients are serviced in the best possible way.

Bigger workforce

Of course, sometimes a bigger workforce is actually needed in order to meet these new demands. There might be new client account managers, or even an HR officer to keep the business running smoothly in terms of new and existing employees. It is actually quite beneficial to utilise the services of an HR professional as they will be able to ensure that staff receive the right training, have regular reviews and appraisals, as well as taking care of benefits and bonuses.

Office space

In order to fit all of the new employees into the business, it may be the case that you require a new office space too. Luckily there is a huge range of office space in London that you can choose from, meaning that there will surely be somewhere that meets your requirements. To help narrow down your search, consider a location specific office brokerage. If you are still expecting to grow more in the coming weeks, months and years, don’t forget to find somewhere that has space for a handful or more of new starters.

New market potential

Once you are sure that you have catered to all of your existing needs, you could start looking ahead to new opportunities. What you choose to do will be associated with your business plan, but this could involve looking to new markets overseas as well as those in the UK too. Why don’t you arrange a meeting with the key stakeholders in the business to move this forward?

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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