Do Refurbished Laptops Work Like New?

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A refurbished laptop is a laptop that had a previous owner but was traded in or given back to the retailer or manufacturer. The owner may have changed their mind or they may be looking to make some extra cash. The laptop would then be repaired, cleaned, and tested before being sold on to a new customer.

There are many different refurbished laptops available on the market. All kinds of brands can be found, from Apple’s popular line of MacBooks to Windows laptop manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, and HP.

Refurbished laptops are usually a lot cheaper than buying brand new and yet they work like new. This makes them a popular choice for price-savvy shoppers and those who need to get their tech on a budget and if you’re looking to save money before you buy, there are some things that you need to know.

How Are Refurbished Laptops Tested?

Refurbished Laptops Tested

Manufacturers and retailers are able to confirm that refurbished laptops work like new with their thorough testing processors. Every part of the laptop is expected and certified to a high standard, to make sure that all components work as they are supposed to.

With the laptop’s hardware, they may check that the battery isn’t damaged and still charges and retains a charge as it is supposed to. They will also check the screen, potentially replacing it if there are any cracks or the color isn’t being displayed correctly. The quality of other features, like the laptop’s webcam and its speakers, will be tested too.

They will also perform tests on the laptop’s software. The testing teams can test the operating system to make sure that it has been installed properly. Refurbished laptops are often wiped clean of data and the operating system (Apple’s MacOS for MacBooks or Microsoft Windows for Windows laptops), has been installed fresh. An operating system allows you to access your programs, files, and to use external hardware accessories, so it’s important that it works as it is supposed to.

Why Are Refurbished Laptops So Affordable?

Refurbished Laptops Affordable

Refurbished laptops can be a lot more affordable than buying brand new laptops and that’s because retailers are unable to sell them as new. While the laptop may not display any marks of use, they can’t sell a second-hand product as brand new. So, retailers are able to lower the price of the laptop to make money.

Many refurbished laptops don’t come with their original packaging. While it does affect how the laptop works, some people like having all of the physical manuals, branded boxes, and accessories that the laptop was first sold with. If these have been lost by the laptop’s first owner, the refurbished laptop won’t be sold with them and so retailers lower the price.

Refurbished laptops can potentially be hundreds of dollars cheaper than the brand new versions. However, this doesn’t mean that all refurbished laptops are dirt cheap and prices will vary between retailers. The Apple MacBook Pro (13 inch with a Retina display) retails for around $2,200 brand new but prices for the refurbished MacBook Pro 13 start at $445. These prices depend on the cosmetic quality (refurbished grades good or excellent), the release date of the laptop and what technical specifications it has but you can compare prices with RefurbMe, a price comparison site for refurbished laptops, to help find the best deal.

How Many People Buy Refurbished Laptops?

Buy Refurbished Laptops

The market for refurbished laptops is huge and it’s growing, because of the quality of laptops and that they work like new. A report by Market Research Blog reveals that the affordability and the functionality, as well as the tighter budgets of educational groups and businesses, is all driving demand for refurbished laptops.

Hundreds of millions of refurbished phones are sold each year (an estimated 150 million were sold in 2018) and refurbished laptops aren’t expecting to be far behind. Many refurbished retailers tell shoppers to act quickly  offers a stock notification system because these laptops can sell out within days or hours of being listed.

Many people are already looking at refurbished laptops as a way to save themselves money. As more realize that these second-hand laptops work like new, expect the sales figures to increase much more.

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