Factors For An Effective Leadership In Organizations

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To run any organization properly and successfully, it is quite important that it must be run under the supervision of some effective leader. In other words, effective leadership is quite important for any organization.

It helps in maintaining a discipline and liability among the members of the organization as well as develops a feeling of responsibility at all levels of administration. And all this is possible only when the organization has an effective leader. There are many factors which help in establishment of effective leadership in organizations. Let us have a look at some of these.

Trust and Integrity– Establishment of trust and demonstration of integrity is perhaps the most important leadership factor. It can be achieved by expression of faithfulness and honesty in behavior, converting words into actions, speaking confidently from evident facts and experiences and protecting sensitive and important information. It helps in setting up example by the leader for other members of the organization.

Clearly defined goals, strategies and directions- A leader must be efficient in setting up goals and strategies in a simple and consistent manner for the entire organization.   At the same time, he must provide guidelines and directions to all the concerned to achieve these goals.

Role and duty assignment– It is also the duty of a leader to divide the entire work according to the capabilities of individual staff members and assign the relevant duties to them in a precise manner.

Effective communication- It is another great trait of a leader which helps in avoidance of any unnecessary misunderstandings among different departments and staff members in the organization. The leader must be able to clarify his viewpoint clearly and effectively to all the concerned. It helps in accomplishment of common goals without facing many problems.

Setting up healthy relationships– It is also quality of an effective leader. He must be patient and kind enough to listen to others in the organization as well as outside of it too. It is because he may have to deal with some other people as well such as sponsors and clients etc. For an organization to be successful, it is quite important to have healthy relationships with all.

Result-orientation- Effective leadership requires a person to be result-oriented. It is because a leader is selected and assigned the responsibility of the entire organization to achieve some common goals set up by the concerned organization in the form of a project. And results are the most important part which is mostly taken into consideration to evaluate effectiveness of the leader. So it becomes quite important for the leader to keep a track of the progress of the organization and make necessary amendments or improvements constantly to get the desired outcomes.

Promotion of capabilities– Being a leader, it is also important to promote those who are skilled, talented and capable to take organization to new heights of success. This in turn helps in establishing the worth of the leader himself as outcomes of the organization are also improved this way.

One can easily integrate all the above-mentioned factors for an effective leadership into his personality.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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