5 Benefits of Dental Implants You Must Know

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It can be worrying when you’re faced with the loss of teeth, whatever the reason. It could be the result of an unfortunate accident, due to age or most commonly – decay. In the past the only solution would have been a bridge or dentures which although practical, can leave you feeling self-conscious. Today, thanks to modern dentistry, dental implants are available and there are many benefits to the treatment.

Natural Looking

Dental implants are completely natural looking and will not look out of place alongside your real teeth. No one will be able to tell that an implant is not a real tooth and even a professional would find it hard to spot without examining your mouth. Losing a tooth can be a real confidence killer and some people find it uncomfortable to wear a denture. This is especially true for smokers. With dental implants you can smile again without worrying that everyone will know about your missing tooth.

Functions Like a Real Tooth

There’s no need to worry about eating and you’ll be able to enjoy eating whatever you like again. Of course, your dentist will still advise you not to consume too much sugar but you can have exactly the same quality of life as a person with a full set of natural teeth. Whether you enjoy corn on the cob or chewing gum, you won’t have to worry about your replacement tooth coming out because an implant is secure in your jaw.

Natural Bone preservation

After you lose a tooth, it is possible for your jaw and dental bone to deteriorate but by replacing the missing tooth with an implant you can prevent this from happening. A dental implant is inserted directly into the jaw and therefore keeps bone loss to the absolute minimum.

Long Lasting

Dental implants are as durable as real teeth and can even last a lifetime. Care of implants requires the same amount of oral hygiene needed for all natural teeth, such as the usual brushing with your favourite toothpaste, flossing and mouth wash. It is easy to keep your smile looking sparkling when you have dental implants because they really do look just like natural teeth.

Surrounding Teeth are Protected

If you have a bridge fitted, it is often the case that you will need to have the surrounding teeth ground down to ensure it fits properly. An implant, however, does not need to affect any other teeth within your mouth. Implants are custom made to fit perfectly within your mouth.

So, if you lose a tooth it’s not the end of the world. Dental implants are available to provide you with a discreet and comfortable option that are an alternative to dentures or a bridge. In most cases, an implant will also last a lot longer than a bridge – and, unlike a removable denture, you won’t risk the embarrassment of it falling out.

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