Top 3 Smart Innovations for Better Health

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At the CES technology trade show this year, the number of technological innovations that have a bearing on the medical health of patients was noticeably up. Startups and venture capital funds are clearly seeing the potential profit in offering doctors and patients access to improved medical-related technology.

Here are the top smart innovations soon to be available.


Taking the temperature of your baby while they’re sleeping or nodding off isn’t possible. Even getting a semi-accurate temperature safely with a thermometer makes this a tricky thing for parents to verify. The old hand-on-the-forehead is often still the best way to check for a fever.

Now, TempTraq has come up with a new way to get a rough idea on the temperature level of your baby while they sleep. They have a smart device which looks and acts like a patch that fits under the baby’s armpit and across part of their back. Body temperature is monitored continually with the data sent to the TempTraq mobile app. Parents get more information and the baby sleeps uninterrupted. Perfect.

Fitness Tracker 2.0

The problem with fitness trackers that are worn like watches is that they tend to be stuck on a set routine that people must follow. What this fails to account for is that everyone is different. Every person’s health is unique, with their physical capabilities and endurance on a separate level.

The Mio Slice is a new fitness tracker that plans to adapt to the personalized fitness plan of its wearer. The tracker considers heart rate and physical activity, to determine what activities are sensible for the wearer based on their heart’s response to physical exertion. In other words, for people who get winded walking up a single flight of steps, walking on flat ground for 20 minutes a day most likely represents a good fitness goal. For someone else who’s accustomed to jogging an hour a day, their personalized target will be quite different.

Skin Monitoring and Rejuvenation

Coming in as possibly the most unexpected product release this year, the S-Skin is a micro-needle patch that measures facts about your skin. A portable device picks up data about your skin’s hydration level, melanin level, dryness or redness, and provides feedback to the user. A LED light is used by the patch to analyze the skin to provide this wealth of information. We can see dermatologists using this product real soon.

Staying Current with Medical Progress

One way to stay current with new developments in the medical profession is to advance through the ranks. Nurses who are interested in the doctor of nurse practitioner programs may want to look at Regis College. This educational institution offers online doctoral nursing programs that provide a gateway for motivated nurses to go from a master’s level to a doctorate level in their nursing career.

The rapid pace of technological innovation is no stranger to the medical field. There are so many improvements with medical equipment, treatment regimes, and new procedures that patients are seeing improved medical outcomes more often than ever before. This is great news for everyone concerned.



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