Four Smart Online Tools to Help with Your Next DIY Project

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Whether you enjoy rolling up your sleeves or merely want to save money, DIY projects can be one way to accomplish a task, build a product or meet a challenge. There are numerous benefits to doing a project yourself, which can include saving money and acquiring new skill sets. People take pride in and have more appreciation for, things they have done themselves, so it’s no surprise that many want to take a stab at something rather than relying on a store-bought or professional solution.

The biggest challenge when planning a DIY project is knowing where to begin. Especially if you don’t have any prior experience in the area, finding the right advice, and the right drum sander reviews,  materials and/or planning the stages can all be challenging.

This is where the use of various tools and forms of assistance can make life easier. Today, we’ll review four smart online tools you can put to good use when handling your next DIY project.

Online Calculators and Conversion Tools

Virtually any DIY project is bound to involve some math, calculations, measurements or conversions. Without knowing how to calculate or convert various data-points, your project may be ground to a halt or otherwise not capable of being completed. Thankfully, any internet-capable device can make it possible for you to always be just a click or touch away from the answer.

Whether you are building, measuring or calculating something, there are a plethora of web-based calculators and conversion utilities that you can call on to get the job done. Take for instance a square footage of a circle calculator, which can tell you how many floors space or area will need to be covered, filled or otherwise managed in a circular object. If you’re wiring a new room in the home, you can find calculators for determining resistance, surface current, charge and any other important metric.

There are even apps that include hundreds of unique calculators and conversion utilities in one platform, making it easy for you to quickly jump back and forth depending on the need. Any DIY project that involves numbers or measurements is bound to benefit from a calculator, so be sure to utilize this online option at every turn.

For every good DIY project requires the right set of tools and we recommend you visit where you’ll learn all of the benefits of owning a top quality cordless drill, among other quality DIY guides.

Smart Devices

It can be a chore to keep track of all of your tools and other home improvement devices. People borrow them without asking, batteries get drained and misplaced, toolboxes are rummaged: all of these problems can make it difficult to get the job done when you need to work.

Most major home improvement tool-makers have begun incorporating a combination of internet, wireless connectivity, and other smart features into their devices as a way to fix these problems. Whether it’s a cordless drill or a toolbox, there are plenty of great examples that can help with any DIY project.

Take for instance the crowdfunded CoolBox, which is a smart toolbox that provides a variety of functions. It can charge your tools, utilize Bluetooth and limit access. The SmarTech functionality implemented in DeWalt and Black & Decker products allows you to lock battery usage remotely, track/locate devices within a specified range and even send you notifications if your devices are overheating.

As more and more of our technology becomes integrated with the internet and other forms of tech, the more seamless the home improvement process – or any other task – becomes.

How-to Videos

If you’ve never done something before, you have two options: experiment until you figure things out for yourself, or get some assistance. Since the former can be a pretty expensive gambit in many circumstances, it’s often better to seek out some help.

One of the best online tools for any DIY project comes in the form of information easily served to us by the internet. How-to videos and tutorials, in general, serve a major purpose in helping to spread information, ensure projects are completed successfully and minimize any waste or mistakes.

You’ll find video tutorials on the internet covering just about anything – we mean it. A simple search for “how to [project]” will likely yield a few tutorial videos at a minimum, with sites such as YouTube being among the most popular. Before you embark on any DIY project, check the internet for a walk-through on how to complete it successfully.

Specialty Software

For a variety of DIY projects, you may need some technical assistance in planning your next move. From 3D printers to photo editing projects, you’re going to need more than just your hands and brain to get the job done. For these special tasks, specialty software can come in very handy.

To use the 3D printing example above, let’s say that you want to print some new shower curtain rods and toiletry organizers for the bathroom. In order to make this possible, you may need some CAD program or utility in order to create the design from scratch. If you are using a previously made design, then you’ll still need special software that translates those instructions and ensures the printer can understand them.

Maybe you want to visualize what a home remodeling project will look like once complete. For this, a special suite of tools like Photoshop or GIMP may be the best bet. You can upload a photo of your room or home, customize the photo to reflect the changes, and know what you’ll get before you start the actual project. Solutions such as these can also be used to sketch designs, blueprints, and other helpful project details.

With an unprecedented amount of knowledge available at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that more people than ever are choosing to do things themselves. For your next project, it’s helpful to have one or more smart or online tools to assist in the process. Whether you familiarize yourself with the process by watching online tutorials, design the project via special software, use smart devices in order to make work more efficient or take advantage of online calculators and tools, these elements can be helpful from start to finish. You’ll get the most out of each DIY project, avoid mistakes and save both time and money.

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