Five Essential Items Every Traveler Must Pack

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Few activities evoke as much excitement as going on vacation to a location you have never been to. On the flip side, few activities create as much stress as packing a suitcase for the aforementioned trip! Travelers tend to fall into one of two groups when packing their cases. They either pack everything but the kitchen sink or travel so lightly that they have to buy items when they arrive at their destination. Which camp do you fall into?

Whether you hop on a plane with nothing more than a backpack containing a few items or approach the check-in desk with dread because your case could be way over the airline’s weight limit, these are five essential items that you must take with you on every trip.

Portable Charger or Power Bank

Our number one recommendation is a portable charger or power bank to keep electronic devices charged while on the go. A power bank is especially important if you use your smartphone for communicating, navigation, or photography. Nothing is worse than being off the beaten track only for your phone to have a flat battery. Similarly, power banks are ideal if you travel somewhere where the electricity supply is unstable. You can charge your phone, watch the latest Netflix or Amazon Prime Video show, access the best sports betting websites, or video call your loved ones without relying on the electricity supply at your accommodation.

Pair your power bank with a travel adapter to recharge it. The best travel adapters come with various plug fittings, so you don’t have to buy separate adapters for traveling in Europe, Asia, or Oceania.

Travel-Sized Toiletries


Whoever invented travel-sized toiletries deserves a medal. Packing travel-sized items such as toothpaste, body wash, sunscreen, and shampoo is one of the best things you can do. While many hotels supply these items free of charge, not all do, and even those with complementary toiletries sometimes forget to restock rooms.

Taking a hot shower, washing your hair, and brushing your teeth will help you unwind from a long journey or day trip; being clean and fresh works wonders for your mental well-being.

If you find yourself approaching the liquid restriction limit, consider swapping your body wash and shampoo for solid bars of soap. Just ensure you take something with you that allows you to freshen up after a long day on the road.

A First Aid Kit

Nobody plans to injure themselves or become sick while on vacation, which is one of the primary reasons few people pack a first aid kit when they travel. You do not need to pack a first aid kit that would not look out of place on a paramedic; a compact kit containing key items will suffice.

Adhesive bandages are a Godsend for patching up minor cuts and grazes and can double up as protection for blisters on your feet if you have covered many miles exploring your location.

Antiseptic wipes will help prevent any scratch or scrape from developing an infection, while pain relief can help soothe aches and pains from minor injuries. Ensure you read the active ingredients of any pain relief medication and check them against a list of prohibited substances in the country you are visiting. Some medications are banned in certain countries; you do not want to find yourself in hot water with a foreign country’s authorities.

Packing indigestion tablets and medicines similar to Immodium is an excellent idea, especially if you plan to eat and drink the local cuisines. Such medication is essential for traveling in developing countries where food and water hygiene may not meet the same standards as back home.

Comfort Items

Many people have a favorite comfort item they feel like they cannot live without. If that describes you, make sure you pack it in your suitcase. Comfort items remind us of home, where we enjoy creature comforts and the finer things in life. Items like eye masks can help you sleep in unfamiliar surroundings, earplugs to block out noise, and a travel pillow for your journey and trips can help make long journeys more bearable, especially during flights or train rides.

A Reusable Water Bottle

Packing a water bottle with you may sound strange, but once you pack one and have started using it on one trip, it will become a mainstay in your essential items. Bringing a reusable water bottle helps reduce single-use plastic waste and can save you a small fortune. Remaining hydrated is essential, particularly in hot and humid countries. Becoming dehydrated will make you feel ill and lethargic at best. At worst, it is dangerous and even life-threatening.

Fill your bottle from a safe water source before setting off on a journey. It is worthwhile to purchase a bottle with a built-in filter or carry some water purification tablets because you may find yourself in a location where the water is unsafe to drink.


Everyone has different opinions about what items are essential when traveling and which are considered luxuries. However, the five items highlighted in this article are among the most important. You should pack them into your suitcase or overnight bag, whether you are heading out of town for a few days or jetting off to the other side of the world.

I have taken over 100 flights in my lifetime and had to go without some of the items mentioned above. I can tell you hand on heart that if you find a way to take a power bank, first aid kit, some travel-sized toiletries, a water bottle, and some comfort items with you, you will be prepared for most eventualities. That is unless you forget your passport and clothes. Don’t forget to pack those, whatever you do!

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