Hostels in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the lovely capital city of Netherlands and boasts world-class museums, Great nightlife making it the perfect city for a few days. Amsterdam has all the advantages of a big city like culture, food, entertainment, interesting historical buildings, museums and music. Amsterdam is famous for its Red Light District, Famous museums like Van Gogh museums, torture museums etc. Lucky Lake hostel of Amsterdam one of the most original hostel of the world because the hostel is made up of self-contained caravans around a lake and makes your stay comfortable and memorable.

The Flying Pig Backpackers Downtown hostel is situated in Eighteenth century building that is surrounded by Amsterdam action, which is, mind blowing. It represents the crazy Amsterdam nightlife and offers backpackers, students, stag and hen groups a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the middle of city’s madness. It is continuously filled with travellers. In Anna Maria II hostel accommodation, travellers will enjoy Amsterdam in a different way.

It is a cosy ship in the middle of Amsterdam and has ten small but cosy cabins and is a great cheap youth hostel in Amsterdam. All these cabins have bunk beds. Stay okay Amsterdam Vondelpark hostel is one of the newest hostels inside the famous Vondelpark in the centre of Amsterdam. Each year, thousands of backpackers and budget travellers come here from all around the World and enjoy meeting each other in Brasserie, for those who don’t know what a Brasserie is, a Brasserie is a Café doubled up as a restaurant. This hostel has all private facilities. The hostel Cosmos Amsterdam is a small friendly backpackers youth hostel in Amsterdam city and is situated very close to central station, one of Amsterdam’s major tourists attractions and gateway to the rest of Europe.

Cosmos hostel offers friendly and generous atmosphere that has drawn tourists back to the hostel over and again. Heart of the Amsterdam hostel is on the quiet side of Amsterdam red light district one of the best’s hangouts. A recently, renovated, clean and cool place away from home for travellers of all ages. The Bulldog hostel is located in the middle of all the action and self-styled, clean and unique hostel only a few minutes from central station. The White Tulip hostel is close by coffee shops, bars and restaurants, located in heart of Red Light district is an ideal way to meet other international travellers. Hostel the Globe is located in middle of city centre, one of the Amsterdam city most famous hostels. Hostel Aroza is located at the famous shopping street Neiuvendijk with bars, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops.

There is lot of things to enjoy and to places explore for students, backpackers, Travel groups and other adventures from all over the world to share their experiences. Also there are many great group hostels in Amsterdam. Hostel staffs in Amsterdam always give good advice to travellers to make their stay pleasant and comfortable. St. Christopher’s Amsterdam city hostel is one of the best hangouts and designed by local artists, the hostel has a private beer garden, quite room and a nightclub. This hostel is a safe heaven for adventures tourists. The Shelter Jordan Hostel of Amsterdam is close to all the main tourist attractions. Shelter Jordan Christian Hostel is located in the western part of the Amsterdam City Centre and has very affordable accommodation for travellers. Almost every hostel in Amsterdam has private rooms, free walking tours, which provide free information about Amsterdam. All hostels in Amsterdam offers warm and welcoming atmosphere and brings a wonderful memory by giving best value for money.

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