4 Ways To Make His Holidays Memorable

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Does your guy tend to turn into a bah humbug around the holidays? While many men look forward to the cheerful and busy holiday season, for some guys, the general holiday fanfare and pressure to buy gifts can be a bit overwhelming.


That’s where you come in. Instead of putting extra pressure on him to get into the holiday spirit, bring the holiday spirit to him by planning fun activities and treating him a little. Here are four ways to make your man’s holiday season the best one yet.

Engage In Outdoor Winter Activities

For most people, the holiday season is a busy one…oftentimes, too busy. While company parties or get-togethers thrown by friends can be fun, the non-stop indoor activities can be exhausting, especially for guys who aren’t used to dressing up and socializing so often, as well as for those who tend to be more outdoorsy by nature.

To counterbalance the constant throng of parties and to get some fresh air in the process, put some outdoor winter activities on the schedule. If available in your area, sleigh rides, sledding, ice skating or picking winter fruits like apples or pears are all very fun and very winter specific activities. Otherwise, plan an afternoon hike or day trip to somewhere that does have holiday related activities that you know he will enjoy.

Fire up the fireplace! There’s nothing that says Christmas cheer quite like a warm and crackling fire in the fireplace. Gas fireplaces are always extremely convenient, but if you have a wood burning fireplace, you can light a fragrant wood like apple wood or white oak or black walnut. Make sure to fully set the scene: fix the two of you some warm and comforting drinks (hot buttered rum is always a holiday favorite), and bring a blanket to share. You can sit in front of the fireplace and chat, or enjoy the warmth while watching a movie. If you don’t have a television near your fireplace, consider downloading an audio book to listen to – while it’s not necessarily holiday-related, a suspenseful audio book will keep you snuggled together.

Give Him A Luxury Stocking Stuffer

It’s often the smallest gifts that are the mightiest. He might already know what you’re getting him as his main present, so why not surprise him a little with a luxurious stocking stuffer? Jewelry for men makes for a great stocking stuffer: it’s small, something he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself, and yet something that he will appreciate and get good use out of. Consider purchasing him something a little more upscale; Benchmark rings or bracelets made from a precious metal are both excellent choices. If you are close to celebrating an anniversary, or are already engaged and don’t have his band yet, buying something like a high quality Benchmark ring and hiding it in his stocking will make for a wonderful memory.

Feel free to mix in a few lower-priced items (like his favorite candies) with more luxurious items like Benchmark rings to make his stocking extra full (and to have him dig around a little to find the real goodies). Surprise him with his mysteriously filled stocking early on Christmas morning to make him feel like a kid again.

Make Some Cozy Winter Fare

Let’s face it: for many people, food is a major and favorite part of the holidays. To get him more in the holiday spirit, cook him some dishes that are richly seasonal. Since the holidays are already full of sweet treats, throw some rib sticking savory dishes in the mix, like soups, stews or hearty slow cooker recipes. Roasted chestnuts are a perennial great holiday treat, and especially perfect when enjoyed in front of the fireplace. If cooking is not your forte or you simply don’t have time, don’t worry about being elaborate – hot cocoa with a candy cane or store bought gingerbread cookies will also put a smile on his face.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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