How Can I Check My Case About Polish Citizenship?

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If you are applying for Polish citizenship or want to check whether you are entitled to it, you need to know some basic information. So, below we will try to explain what are the conditions and procedures for obtaining Polish citizenship, what documents are needed and where you should apply for it. In addition, we will tell you how you can follow the progress of your case and what the possible deadlines are.

Conditions And Procedures For Obtaining Polish Citizenship

Persons arriving or residing in the Republic of Poland may enjoy a number of rights on similar terms as persons holding Polish citizenship. However, the acquisition of all rights requires a change of legal status through the acquisition of Polish citizenship. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a procedure for its acquisition. Polish citizenship can be obtained in several ways, depending on the situation. The most common cases are:

– Being born on or outside the territory of Poland, if at least one of the parents is a Polish citizen.
– Marrying a Polish citizen and fulfilling additional conditions such as living in Poland for at least 3 years and having a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU resident permit.
– Granting of citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland at the request of the person concerned or at the request of the Council of Ministers. In this case, there are no specific conditions and the decision is up to the President.
– Restoration of citizenship to persons who lost it before 1 January 1999 as a result of going abroad or changing their citizenship.
– Recognition as a Polish citizen of a person who was born outside Poland before 1 January 1999, and whose parents or grandparents were Polish citizens.

Depending on the manner in which Polish citizenship was obtained, an appropriate application must therefore be filed and the required documents attached. Applications for Polish citizenship confirmation are filed with the voivodeship office competent for the place of residence or stay. If you permanently reside abroad, you need to lodge it with the nearest Polish Consulate General. Finally, applications for citizenship to be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland must be submitted to the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland again via the nearest Polish Consulate General if you reside abroad or Voivodeship Office if you live in Poland. If this is not clear and you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us via this website:

Documents Needed To Acquire Polish Citizenship

The list of documents needed to obtain Polish citizenship may vary depending on the situation. However, in the vast majority of cases you will need to provide:

– Proof of identity (e.g. passport, identity card, residence card),
– Birth certificate,
– Marriage or divorce certificate (if applicable),
– Proof of possession or loss of Polish citizenship (e.g. certificate of granting or loss of citizenship, copy of administrative decision),
– Proof of fulfillment of additional conditions (e.g. certificate of registration, permanent residence permit, certificate of completion of a Polish language course),
– Stamp duty.
All documents drawn up in a language other than Polish must also be translated by a sworn translator.

How To Follow The Progress Of Your Polish Citizenship Case?

Once you have submitted your application for Polish citizenship, you have the opportunity to follow the progress of your case in several ways. This can be by contacting the provincial office or consulate that accepted the application by phone or email. We can also use the ePUAP system (Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services) if the application was submitted electronically. To do this, log in to your account and check the status of your case.

What Are The Possible Deadlines For Processing A Polish Citizenship Case?

The deadlines for processing a Polish citizenship case may vary depending on the situation and the workload of the authorities. However, you can usually expect your confirmation of citizenship to be processed within 12 months or restoration of citizenship case to be processed within 2 months of submitting your application and all required documents.

If you wish to be recognised as a Polish citizen, your application should be considered within 1 year from the date of submission of the application and all the required documents, while a case for citizenship granted by the President of the Republic of Poland has no specific time limit for consideration and depends solely on the decision of the President.

So as we can see, Polish citizenship is a very valuable right which gives us many benefits and opportunities. Therefore, if we want to obtain it or check whether we are entitled to it, we should know basic information on the subject. The national provisions on obtaining the status of a citizen of the Republic of Poland are strictly defined by the Act on Polish Citizenship and the executive regulations issued on its basis. These provisions precisely regulate the three main procedures related to the acquisition of Polish citizenship, i.e. acquisition by operation of law, granting and recognition. The Polish Citizenship Act also provides for the possibility of restoration of citizenship, but due to its specific nature and its targeting of persons who were previously Polish citizens but have lost that citizenship for certain reasons, it is not discussed in detail in this article.

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