How to Deal With Those Financial Emergencies You Just Can’t Put Off

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If only life always went according to plan, there’d be a lot fewer problems. But, of course, that isn’t the case. Anything can happen without notice, leaving you not only stressed but financially strapped. Though you may want to just sweep the matter under the rug, doing so would put you in an even worse position. So, what can you do when you have an emergency and you need quick cash? Here are a few ways you can handle it.

Emergency Home Repairs

You come home to find that the air conditioner has stopped working in the middle of summer, a pipe has burst and your clothes are soaking wet, or suddenly the hot water heater only lets out cold water. You get an estimate but, unfortunately, it’s more than you can afford. You can’t leave the house like this. What can you do?

Charge it 

If ever there was a time to use your credit card, now would be that time. If you have a card with a reasonable limit, go ahead and charge it, just stay on top of the payments.


There are some emergency home repairs you can do without the help of a contractor. If you feel comfortable, go ahead and try doing the repair on your own as this will save you on labor costs.

Hire an independent contractor

If you have no choice but to call an expert, don’t go with the big companies. Choose someone who works on their own or with a small team. They have less overhead so will charge less.

Emergency Car Repairs

You’ve had your car a few years, but you’ve done the best you can to keep it well-maintained. You head out for work and suddenly the car won’t start, or it starts but smoke comes out, or the check engine light comes on. You take it to a mechanic only to find that you need to have the problem repaired to be safe on the road. How can you pay for it?

Emergency loans – Did you know they have loans designed just for handling emergencies? Products like Blue Trust Loans payroll advance online are perfect for a situation like this. You apply online and receive funds of up to $1250 in your account within one business day.

Car repair insurance – Serving as an extended warranty of sorts, car repair insurance gives you coverage in the event your car breaks down. For a low monthly fee, you can have your car serviced at qualifying dealerships. All you have to do is contact the insurance company and pay the required deposit.

DIY – Not all car repairs are complicated. If it’s something you could do yourself with the right tools and a bit of guidance, go for it.

Medical Emergencies

You and your family do what you can to live a healthy lifestyle, but even the strong get weak on occasion. One day your little one is burning up with a fever, your spouse cracks their tooth and are in excruciating pain, or you’re injured and need to be rushed to a hospital. Here’s how to cover the costs.

Insurance – The first step would be to check with your insurance provider. Depending on the insurance you have they could cover the entire cost of the expense, if not most of it.

Health Savings Account – If you have an HSA you’re in luck. You can use funds from this account to cover the cost of your medical emergency.

Payment arrangements – Some medical facilities offer patients a chance to pay their balance in installments. Inquire about this possibility if you’re short on cash.

Medical Assistance – There are private and federally funded programs that provide assistance to low-income families who are in need of medical assistance. The programs could pay for a portion or all of your medical bills.

You never know what’s going to pop up next in life. One minute things can be fine and the next you’re in a panic trying to figure out how to hold it all together. If your problem is a shortage of cash, there are a few ways you can work around it and get the cash you need. Hopefully, this advice will help you to get out of a jam and get on with your life.


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