How To Fix The Problem In Speakers In Your Iphone?

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Our lives have been transformed with the advent of smart phones. These facilitate major to minor tasks with their advanced features and fast performance. We have become completely dependent on our iPhones and that is why it becomes so inconvenient for you to carry on with your daily tasks, when your iPhone develops a problem which affects its functionality. Among all, the problems emerging in the speakers are very common.

It is a common issue faced by many iPhone users when the speakers of their phone stop functioning properly. The problems can range from low volume and cracking of voice to voice fading or speakers not working at all. Before beginning with the repair process it is important to analyze the actual cause of the problem, which can be as simple as accumulation of debris or as complex as a hardware malfunction. Mentioned below are some tips to fix the problem in the speakers of your iPhone

If the built in speakers are working fine, but you are facing issues with your headset, then it can be rectified by resetting your phone, so that it will start delivering sound to the earpiece. For this you need to press the home and sleep buttons simultaneously and then click restore. This step will let your iPhone reset its audio settings.

In case the headphones are functioning fine but it is the built in speakers which are showing an issue, then it might be because of the jack sensor getting clogged up with debris. In such situation, even when you remove the headset, the phone thinks that the headset is still plugged in and keeps routing audio to the headset. This issue can be solved by plugging in and out the headphones several times. It will help to clean any debris, if present, thus rectifying the problem.

Another common problem is of low volume. To rectify this issue you can use a needle which is quite sharp and use it to clear the speaker holes. The needle will clear out if anything is impacting the sound of your iPhone speakers.

Although the above mentioned common problems and methods to rectify them can prove very useful for you in case the speakers of your iPhone develop some problem, but you can avoid such problem from arising in the first place, by taking good care of your iPhone. Still if the problem persists then you can repair it by using any of these methods.

Before you consider that your iPhone is no longer useful, as it has developed a speaker problem or some other issue, it is helpful to ask yourself – Does Replacing The Broken iPhone Is The Only Solution For You. Most of the times, it is not. In case you are unable to deal with the problem yourself, then consider taking professional help and soon your iPhone will regain its efficiency and whatever issue you are facing with the speakers or any other feature will be rectified completely.

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