How To Promote Employee Health In The Workplace

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There are several ways to promote employee health in the workplace, from introducing physical activities to healthy snacks. Your employees’ physical and mental well-being depends on your support, so make sure your management supports their needs. Regular breaks and vacation time are also essential to encourage employee mental health. Additionally, you can provide healthy meals at your office. Replace soda vending machines with water coolers and fruit bowls, and provide employees with health education.

Positive and supportive workplace practices

Positive and supportive workplace practices will increase employee engagement. A positive work environment linked with expanding employee health benefits emphasizes relationships and individuality, reducing the risk of burnout. Employees engaged in their jobs are more resilient, able to overcome setbacks and difficulties, and have an internal support system at work. Moreover, employees are more willing to help each other when work piles up. This is a clear sign of positive and supportive workplace practices.

Psychologically healthy workplaces are highly inclusive and respectful. Inequitable work environments increase stress levels and are associated with higher employee turnover. APA’s 2021 Work and Well-Being Survey found that African-American workers were likelier to quit their jobs than White workers. Such workplaces also foster a culture of trust, which helps to boost morale and employee engagement.

In-office flu shots

Promoting employee health in the workplace with flu shots is a great way to start a dialogue about the health benefits of vaccinations. Ideally, insurance plans will cover flu vaccination, so employers should not have to foot the bill. However, companies can use an incentive program to encourage employees to vaccinate, such as awarding points for the vaccine. As long as there is no cost to the employer, it may be worth offering the vaccination to part-time and contract employees.

Flu vaccination is a great way to boost employee morale and protect the company from the potential impact of illness. Flu vaccinations can be administered in an office without disrupting work, saving employees valuable time while decreasing the number of days lost due to sickness. Furthermore, employees can get a flu shot right at the workplace, making the benefit more valuable. The cost of flu vaccinations is generally covered by health insurance plans and will not add to a business’s bottom line.

Remote-friendly work

One of the best ways to promote employee health in the workplace is to set standardized work hours for all employees. Regardless of location, it is crucial to establish work-life boundaries for remote employees. If employees are required to work long hours, requiring them to log in at 9 am could be off-putting. Instead, create a channel for remote employees that encourages them to post a picture of a clean workspace as a signal that they’ve finished working. For example, create a separate channel for each team if your company has many remote workers.

Another way to promote employee health in the workplace is to encourage socialization. While many employees find it difficult to interact with co-workers from a remote location, technology can help remote workers make connections with others. Isolation can affect mental health. For remote employees, even days without communication can lead to a sense of confusion, worry, and loneliness. To combat this issue, encourage remote workers to participate in social activities and engage in meaningful conversation.

Supervisor training

A common problem at work is workplace violence, and proper training can help prevent it. For example, a workshop on handling difficult conversations with employees will provide managers with concrete strategies to handle employee performance issues and set limits. A workshop on workplace violence can also help managers address issues such as sexual harassment, downsizing, and communication. Both types of training can help managers and employees improve their workplace cultures. For more information on how to promote employee health in the workplace with supervisor training, contact the EAP.

Preventative care

The concept of preventative care in the workplace encourages employees to maintain healthy habits, go for regular medical check-ups, and reduce their risk for diseases and other problems. This preventive care strategy promotes wellness, avoiding expensive medications and procedures in the future. It can be as simple as encouraging a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Additionally, preventive care programs can promote healthy behaviour, reduce the risk of injuries, and boost productivity.

Providing preventive care at the workplace directly correlates to employee engagement and productivity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.2 million workers missed work in January 2018. And the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 3 per cent of the workforce was absent on any given day. Every minute missed from work represents lost productivity. Furthermore, chronic illnesses lead to an estimated 5.8 million deaths annually in India. Fortunately, preventive care is now available for all employees.

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