Side Steps For All of Your Ford F150 Makes Models

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Nerf bars, side steps, and running board upgrades are hugely popular for just about any type of truck. That makes finding a great side step for your F150 easy, because it’s a truck with a legacy, and its long lifespan has allowed a lot of part manufacturers to design for it.

How To Choose the Right Side Steps

Side steps provide more assistance to the passenger and driver when getting into and out of a truck, so they are often the top choice for lifted vehicles. They’re also a very easy way to accommodate people with limited range of motion, whether they are driving or riding along. The number of steps and their height is an important consideration, as is the width of the step.

If you are simply looking for a 2001 Ford F150 running board with a side step for an extremely modified truck with an oversized lift, you will probably only need a single step between the running board and the ground for most active drivers. On the other hand, an F150 owner looking to make sure an elderly relative has an easy time getting into a mildly lifted vehicle might want a two-step option with a reduced height between the steps.

Nerf Bars and Side Steps

Nerf bars are often the aesthetic and functional choice for overlanding enthusiasts, and they can be used with or without an additional step for assistance. When selecting a 2004 Ford F150 nerf bar, think about how much distance you’ll have between the bar and the truck, as well as between the truck and the ground. The key is to pick the design that works best for your comfort, so there’s no single best option to recommend. You will also want to consider whether you need a set of nerf bars with built-in side steps or an additional assistance step added to one side.

The difference is subtle but important, because it allows you to choose any nerf bar setup you want and then add the step you need separately, in exactly the right place, at the height you want. It’s a little more expense and work, but it gives you total control over the relationship between your main bar or board and your additional side step.

Standalone Side Steps

The ability to add a 2006 Ford F150 side step without changing out your stock running boards has a lot of appeal to purists who love the F150 for its foundational style lines and stock design. That’s great for drivers who are not into heavy modification when they need the additional step, and there are a lot of options available as either single-side installations or pairs.

The right side step can make getting into your truck a lot easier, so take your time and consider all your options, but do start searching. There’s no point in waiting to make it easy to climb into the driver’s seat, after all. Browse top brands and designs today so you can find the perfect fit for your truck’s aesthetic and your passengers’ needs.

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