The Biography, Nationality, Work, Romantic Partner, And Private Life Of Staiv Gentis

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Actor Staiv Gentis is well-known for roles in films such as Valerian.

Life & Times of Staiv Gentis

Staiv is romantically involved with Ines Ray, a well-known model in the business. He is a helpful companion. Based only on his own abilities and merits, this French bodybuilder is making his mark with his hobbies.

It’s safe to state that this is a case of love. Staiv and Ines are a special power couple that inspires a lot of followers all around the world.

Who is the Romantic Partner of Staiv Gentis?

Ines Rau and Staiv Gentis are a couple. She is a French model, actress, and activist whose profile took off once she partnered with Playboy as his first transgender Playmate. She has collaborated with many designers and brands over the years, including Nicole Miller, Balmain, and Maison Margiela. She has also been highlighted in publications like Vogue. Additionally, she has amassed a sizable social media following—she has more than 500k Instagram followers.

In summary

Inspired by the life story of the English trans model Caroline “Tula” Cossey, Staiv partner Ines is a transgender who transitioned and had s*x reassignment surgery at the age of 16. Ines Rau’s parents approved of her choices as well. After the surgery, she began living as a woman, but she didn’t come out as transgender until she was 24 years old.

She began dancing for DJs in Ibiza when she was about eighteen years old, and it was then that she made friends with David Guetta, a DJ, music programmer, record producer, and composer. Ines Rau originally posed as n*de for the French luxury magazine OOB, alongside American actor and model Tyson Beckford, shortly after disclosing her identify as a transgender person.

Ines walked the ramp at the Hood by Air S/S 17 Show, her first fashion show appearance. Nicole Miller and other designers and brands have had Ines Rau walk the ramp. She has been a vocal supporter of transgender rights.

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