The Cliffs of Moher Burren region in County Clare, Ireland

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As I am new to Ireland, so last Sunday me and my husband decided to explore Ireland and choose to visit first The Cliffs of Moher a majestic, remnant of the last ice age, is undoubtedly Ireland’s outstanding visitor attraction with almost a million visitors annually.
The Cliffs of Moher are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. Standing 214 meters at their highest point, the cliffs stretch for 8 km along the Atlantic coastline. From the cliffs, one can see the Aran Islands, Galway Bay, The Twelve Bens, the Maam Turk Mountains in Connemara and Loop Head to the south.
O’Brien’s Tower, another of Ireland’s most photographed landmarks, is a round stone tower near the midpoint of the cliffs, and boasts views of 5 counties on a clear day. So we had an early breakfast and started from our home in Mullingar early in the morning, so we choose the motor way and first travelled to Galway. The weather was cold and in between it was raining, but we decided to go ahead with our plan. The view of the country side was splendid and breathtaking with green fields and beautiful sky. After one and a half hour we reached Galway at our friend’s house and picked them also for our trip, for the journey we took some sandwiches and cold drinks, by then the weather also became perfect, it was a sunny day by then. The way to cliffs was quiet adventures as it was a hilly area with narrow roads with the perfect view. On the way we saw 2 castles
also, there were small towns with small and beautiful hotels on the way. By the time we were reaching the heights the weather was becoming cold and windy and when we reached the cliffs it was very windy, there were lots of tourists on the cliffs.
The Cliffs of Moher are home to one of the major colonies of cliff nesting seabirds, approx 30,000 birds are living on the cliffs, representing more than 20 species, and these include Atlantic Puffins hawks, gulls, guillemots, shags, ravens and choughs. The area is designated as a Refuge for Fauna since 1988 and as a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) under the EU Birds Directive in 1989. The cliffs mainly consist of beds of Namurian shale and sandstone. So we enjoyed the breathtaking view with cold weather we also did some photography on the top. Cliffs are one of the most visited natural tourist attraction of Ireland, your Ireland tourism is not complete without visiting the cliffs.
There is also an underground visitor center that houses the exciting Atlantic Edge display. This huge, domed cave contains images, exhibits and displays. The centre also has a gift shop stocking official Cliffs of Moher products, maps, guides, books and DVDs. We took the round of this gift shop it was wonderful with so many beautiful things and we also bought some things as a souvenir for our trip. There is also a Ferry trips which allow tourists to view the cliffs from sea level. In this way our memorable trip ended and we reached our home late night dropping our friends on the way. It was a beautiful experience of one of the natural wonders of Ireland. Looking forward for some more trips like this to explore this beautiful country.

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