The ROI of Vanity Phone Numbers – How They Drive Business Growth

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Vanity phone numbers make it easy for prospects to remember your business and boost your brand’s visibility. These numbers are available in local and toll-free options, with features like call tracking, faxing, and SMS.

These features can be used to track the ROI of your marketing campaigns based on their closing rates. 

Increased Customer Loyalty

With the myriad digital tools customers can use to communicate with your business, you need a marketing strategy that encourages them to make the phone their first option. A vanity number is an easy way to achieve this goal, as they can be directly actionable (e.g., by clicking on a click-to-call button on your website) and help eliminate the steps that must be taken when searching online, such as typing in keywords or browsing review sites.

Whether they’re memorable, meaningful or a bit random, vanity numbers are effective at helping consumers recall your brand, especially when marketing materials aren’t directly in front of them. For example, when potential customers see your number on social media or a billboard, they can instantly remember how to reach you. They are more likely to follow through with a call than those searching for your business name or URL online.

Vanity numbers come in local or toll-free prefixes and can be customized to suit your needs, including your company’s brand name or relevant keywords. For instance, a legal services business can use a vanity number like 1-800-LAWYERS or a phrase such as “WIN” to reinforce its branding message. Moreover, toll-free vanity numbers are great for businesses that serve a national clientele and can be used to differentiate themselves from competitors with local or mobile phone numbers.

Increased Brand Awareness

Vanity numbers stand out from the competition, making them an effective tool for brand awareness. A memorable number sticks in people’s minds and is easy to dial, making prospective customers more likely to contact your business. Moreover, vanity phone numbers can be customized to convey your company’s mission, values, or product offerings. For example, a doctor’s office could use their local area code + BESTDOC to create a personalized phone number that instantly conveys the brand’s message of offering quality healthcare services.

With short attention spans, marketing campaigns must quickly capture consumers’ interest. Displaying a custom toll-free vanity phone number on TV, radio, or other advertising mediums gives potential customers a visual and auditory reference they can recall later. A vanity number also ensures prospects can engage with your business immediately without navigating to your website or searching for keywords on search engines.

Additionally, many vanity phone number providers offer long-code SMS and two-way text messaging capabilities that allow businesses to reach prospects via their favorite app, a social media platform, or even their CRM tool. These features will enable companies to engage with their leads through multiple channels, improving the customer experience and building brand trust. As a result, customers will become loyal advocates of the brand.

Increased Call Conversions

In a digital world where social media and messaging apps have replaced business cards, ensuring your leads can find you is important. Vanity numbers can help them do just that. With a simple, easy-to-remember sequence of letters and numbers, your prospects will be more likely to call you than your competitor, who has a longer, harder-to-remember number. A vanity toll-free number lets your leads contact you without paying long-distance charges. For example, an Ohio law firm has a great vanity number that makes it clear to their audience that they specialize in helping accident victims and are here to help. This allows the firm to stand out and increase its conversion rate. Lastly, vanity phone numbers are great for print marketing, as they can be placed on company vehicles, bumper stickers, and local newspaper advertisements to reach more potential customers in your area. The memorable nature of these numbers will stick in the minds of your audience long after they’ve seen or heard your ad.

This is especially true in a booming economy where consumers are inundated with sales and marketing messages. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When prospects call you from a vanity phone number, they are likelier to have a high “buyer’s intent.” This means they have already determined they need your product or service and are ready to purchase it. This is a major advantage over leads from social and search ads, which require that the prospect fill out a form or visit your website before making a decision. The first vanity phone number includes an area code and a word that spells your business’ name, such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK. This makes it easy for customers to recall and remember your number. It also helps build brand recognition and establishes a strong connection between your brand and the customer. Another type of vanity phone number incorporates a memorable phrase or tagline related to your company’s products and services. This is a great option for small businesses looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. It can also create an emotional connection with the customer by evoking positive emotions such as trust or excitement. A vanity phone number that includes a city or state code is another good option for local companies looking to make it easy for customers to find them. It will help your customers understand that you are a local business and encourage them to call you. This is especially important if competing with larger national or global competitors.

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