How to Utilize Trade Show Graphics for Maximum Impact

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A company logo is critical in capturing attention, but it shouldn’t be the only one. Visually communicate your message with images that send attendees a clear and compelling brand message.

Remember that any text displayed should act as an elevator pitch, catching people’s attention and creating curiosity for your firm.


In the words of Shakespeare, “the world is a stage, and men and women merely players.” Tradeshows provide an opportunity for businesses to stand out from the competition and grab the attention of attendees. This can be done through creative and bold graphics that communicate a company’s message and personality distinctly and memorably.

Because of the visual nature of trade show graphics, choosing images that hold up when enlarged is essential. It is also a good idea to utilize fonts that are easy to read. More complex or busy fonts will distract from the overall design and make it easier for attendees to take in your branding messaging.

Mid-range trade show graphics are visible 10-50 feet from the aisle and serve to entice attendees further into your booth. These may include product imagery, informational signage, and other visual elements that help attendees recognize your products or services.

Another critical element in creating compelling tradeshow graphics is visual hierarchy. This technique utilizes visual elements to convey a hierarchy of importance, with more critical details appearing bigger and brighter than less significant ones. This helps create a visual hierarchy that draws attention to the most vital aspects of your booth design and messaging. Lighting is also an essential factor in making your tradeshow graphics shine. Backlit fabric banners, LED lights, and other lighting options can dramatically affect your graphics.


A trade show exhibit is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and message to attendees. Your graphics and display elements should reflect that personality positively and memorably. The color choices, fonts, and lighting used in your exhibit’s graphics play an essential role in this process.

The most effective graphics are those that communicate a clear and concise message. Color, in particular, is the most essential element of a graphic because it can establish the mood and tone of your booth space. Using the right colors can help you attract your target audience and lead them into your booth.

Depending on the scope of your exhibit, your graphics can fall into one of three main categories: long-range, mid-range, and short-range. Long-range graphics can be viewed from 100 feet away and often feature your company’s logo or mascot. These graphics are typically displayed on a hanging sign or tower in an island or peninsula exhibit or on a kiosk, back wall, or canopy in an inline exhibit.

Mid-range graphics can be seen from 10-50 feet away, typically signs or images that further identify your products and services. They lure attendees from neighboring exhibits or walk the aisles into your booth.


Graphics used to hang from your exhibit’s structures and components—like towers, back walls, or halo hanging displays—are great opportunities for delivering brand messaging. Make sure to utilize contrasting colors and visual hierarchy, which helps attendees quickly identify the more critical elements of your design.

Your graphics must be designed to scale, which means they should be large enough to be seen from across the trade show floor and readable when viewed at distances up to 100 feet away. For this reason, vector-based graphics are ideal for these types of applications.

A well-designed trade show hanging sign communicates your brand message to attendees, and it can also include a one-liner about products or services or your company’s catchphrase/slogan. The goal is to ensure attendees can quickly understand your offering before entering your booth space.

You’ll want to make your trade show graphics durable enough to withstand potential damage during set-up and dismantling. Laminated Lambda prints are famous for this purpose, as they’re durable and customizable to your display specifications.

It takes an average of three seconds to convey key brand messages to passersby on the trade show floor, which is why you need compelling and clear trade show booth graphics. Clever branding and messaging backed up by appropriate fonts will help your graphics grab the attention of attendees.


The suitable graphic material can enhance your exhibit booth and help it stand out in the crowd. You’ll want to choose a material sturdy enough to withstand repeated handling and storage by distributors and salespeople while also being durable and lightweight.

Graphics can be used to narrate your brand story and engage trade show attendees. Your message should be clear and concise, with a sense of urgency to captivate your audience. Using a variety of shapes and colors will help to ensure that your graphics are readable from any distance.

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