What Elements Are Important In The Hunt For An Office Space?

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Whether you are looking for your very first office, or are upgrading for the umpteenth time, you will be searching for the perfect place to suit your needs. But is this what you will end up with? Looking for an office is much as the same as a house hunt; it is easy to get distracted by modern interiors and gimmicks, without keeping the necessary factors in mind when you sign on the dotted line.

 This is why it makes sense to do plenty of thinking and planning before you start visiting offices; that way you will know exactly what you need and want, as well as what you should avoid. If possible, you should always conduct your office hunt with another senior member of the team, as you can ensure that one of you will always remind the other about the important elements you are looking for. However if this is not possible, jot these points down and use them as an aid when out and about,

 What to consider when looking for an office space

 Current and future space potential: How big is your team currently? What are your plans for growth and expansion? There is no point finding an office space that you will outgrow in a year’s time as there is quite a bit of work when it comes to the physical move itself. That is why you should make sure that there is space for everyone to work comfortably, as well as being big enough to accommodate new starters without having to make them share desks with another employee. Always bring along some tape measures, as well as the measurements of the desks you already have if possible.

 Building security: Do you find it a hassle or a benefit when there is a receptionist at the main entrance of the building? Every business owner will have their own preference, but this should help to narrow down the type of office to look at during your search. You may be content with a simple buzzer outside your office hunt that you can use to let people in manually, or you might want a person on reception to greet guests so you don’t need to get up every two minutes to let someone in, including employees who have lost or forgotten their key.

 Local amenities: You will need to consider your employees too, so make sure there are places nearby to the office that they will make use of. Whether this is a supermarket, cafe or gym, staff members will want to be able to get errands done without having to travel great distances to do so. Local amenities will also be valuable when clients are visiting your office.

 Proximity to transport links: Finally, how close are you to a train station, motorway or bus stop? Employees and clients alike will appreciate a relatively straight-forward commute that doesn’t require them to walk miles in the process. Not only this, but it should be a lot easier for you too!

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