Four Business Communication Tasks You Should Outsource

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Outsourcing has emerged as an effective means of operating to exceptionally high standards whilst keeping overheads competitively low.The reasoning behind outsourcing non-core tasks, tasks which aren’t central to the business entity’s operations, is that these are tasks that are easily outsourced and generally require very little supervision.

Furthermore outsourcing these tasks provides your core employees with more time to concentrate on work. Take cold calling, also known as telemarketing, for example. You can outsource your cold calling needs to a telemarketing agency with an email and a set of instructions. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Here are four business communication tasks that will prove beneficial to outsource.

1. Copy writing and content editing

Copy writing is an easy task to outsource, though some literary inclined managers and members of staff with a flair for the written word may however, find it easier to keep this non-core task in-house. If however, you should choose to outsource your copyrighting needs at work, source a copyrighter with outstanding written skills and keep them on hand.

The first time you outsource is typically somewhat time-consuming though the process gets faster as time goes by and they become more in tune with what you expect from them. Copyrighting tasks that are commonly outsourced include press releases, formal letters and website content. Any content on your website, or press releases and formal letters you’ve written yourself, that require editing are also easily outsourced and can save you time and money.

2. Virtual reception duties

It’s becoming very popular for home based businesses, small businesses and start-ups to outsource virtual reception duties, especially in a virtual office style scenario where the calls are taken at a prestigious business centre with a prominent business address. Virtual reception duties like phone answering and mail forwarding don’t save businesses time so much as they help them to convey a favourable impression and image of their organisation.

Good impressions in business are the stuff that success is made of, so it’s imperative that businesses make a good impression upon their clients. This not only refers to first impressions, which are often seen as the most important impression a business can convey, but also maintaining a good impression over the course of the business/client relationship.

3. Cold calling (telemarketing)

Time, energy, patience and sanity are what you’ll save by outsourcing your cold calling needs to a cold calling or telemarketing agency. This is a non-core task that your staff will undoubtedly loathe so make their time in the workplace more enjoyable by outsourcing this task.

Seeing that there are numerous agencies that are vying for your business here, it shouldn’t prove at all problematic to outsource your cold calling needs, plus cold calling agencies are generally able to perform a much more competent job than your employees are able to.

4. Marketing

This could include digital marketing techniques like PPC and SEO as well as email marketing and other marketing techniques that most businesses use to promote their organisation and its products and services. Unlike cold calling, marketing isn’t a task that your employees will cringe at, though it will free up their time to hunker down at their desks in your comfortable office spaces, plus dedicated marketing agencies are generally able to provide a much more effective service that achieves the results you’re after.

These are four of the most commonly outsourced business communication tasks in the current era, and in addition to enabling your employees to concentrate on core tasks at work and making the workplace less stressful, you also stand to benefit in a myriad of other ways by outsourcing.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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