What is Suicide Tourism?

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Suicide tourism is a very dark side of tourism that is associated with euthanasia also known as mercy killing. In this situation people who are willing to die travel from their own place to some other part of world where either euthanasia is permitted or the rules for mercy killing are not that much strict. In Britain, the “assisted suicide” is a very punishable offense and a person can be punished with up to 14 years in prison.

Today euthanasia is a very controversial topic. The hot spot for suicide tourism is Switzerland as there are no such strong legal rules for committing suicide in comparison to most of the European countries. Rather Euthanasia is permitted since 1941 in Switzerland by law and many people visit here more frequently with the motive to get their respective “active euthanasia service”. Each year about 200 people in Zurich take an average life. But now Swiss Government is planning to take strict actions before anybody filing for pro-euthanasia such as two medical reports should be submitted that confirm that the patient would have only few months to live.

No doubt campaign regarding assisted suicide is very helpful for those who are really in deep agony and literary need help and it should be legalized in every country under some critical conditions such as people who are suffering from eternal disease (such as neurological and rheumatic disorders) and are completely bed ridden should have an option that they can apply for mercy killing in their own country as at times the family of that patent is not financially strong and it is unbearable for them to handle all the expenses that are associated with that patient.

The possibilities for euthanasia lead, according to the researchers “to an influx of suicide tourists in Switzerland, especially in the Canton of Zurich, for the sole purpose to commit suicide over there.” A majority of people who are willing to commit suicide come from Germany, the UK and France. With their latest study, the scientists want to take the discussion to active euthanasia in the neighboring countries. “The unique phenomenon of death tourism in Switzerland can indeed lead to changes or additional guidelines for the existing arrangements abroad”, the Swiss researchers evaluate their study results. Increasing suicide-tourism in the Swiss forensic medicine experts have almost daily with do cases of active assisted suicide.

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