Why Should You Consider Getting A Neck Lift?

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Facelifts are one of the more well-known cosmetic treatments for anti-aging. We can look in the mirror in the morning and see where our faces have changed shape over time. Also, as this is the part of the body that’s seen and judged the most, it’s the go-to option for people keen to retain their youth. However, there is another option in the form of neck lifts.

Why Are Neck Lifts Worth Considering?

Neck cosmetic surgery procedures could be a worthwhile choice for anyone struggling with the aging process. We put so much time and thought into moisturizing our faces, dealing with under-eye circles and bags, and minimizing other signs of aging. However, we don’t always take the same care with our necks. You can find people with smooth skin and a great complexation over their cheeks and forehead but a lot of sagging, lines, and dark spots on their necks. These signs could betray your true age and make all that effort on your face less effective. If this resonates with you and you feel like a neck treatment may be worthwhile, let’s take a closer look at what a deep necklift specialist can offer.

Reasons You Might Be A Good Candidate For A Necklift

1) Loose skin around the neck

This is a common problem as we age. The skin around the neck loses its elasticity over time and begins to sag. Over time, this becomes more noticeable under the chin, especially in profile. The condition has gained the unfortunate name ‘turkey neck’, which makes women more inclined to have surgery to remove it.

2) Excess fat around the neck and chin

The changes in our necks can also lead to excess fat, especially if we struggle with our diets as we get older. Double chins are something that many women get self-conscious about. The age of the selfie also means that many will see this in themselves when taking a shot at the wrong angle.

3) Weakened neck muscles

It isn’t just the skin around the neck that can weaken and sag. The muscles in our neck can also lose tone and shift in appearance with age. One concern is the appearance of the platysmal bands. These are the strips of muscles that run up the sides of the neck. Ideally, you want these to look smooth and youthful for a better neck shape. When exercising fails, necklift specialists could sort that out.

4) Tech neck

This final point is interesting because it is a more modern issue that affects many people. Tech neck essentially means the changes in the shape and alignment of our necks due to bad posture. It typically happens with people who spend hours hunched over a desk working at a computer. The effect can weaken muscles and create a less attractive shape. There’s also the risk that a sedentary lifestyle associated with tech-based work can lead to excess fat. Tech neck is correctable with the right work to improve posture and the right exercises. However, the long-term damage could become visible with time.

Who Can Get A Necklift?

This issue with tech neck raises an important point about the eligibility of neck lift candidates. The common assumption is that neck lifts are primarily for women and older patients. It is seen as a cosmetic procedure for when the skin care treatments and facelifts aren’t enough. However, there are also plenty of men getting neck lifts – either as a cosmetic or corrective procedure due to their lifestyle. There are also people from different age brackets because of the tech neck issue. Some millennials noticing the early signs of sagging and muscle weakness will correct the issue.

How Can Neck Lifts Help?

Patients who opt for neck lifts can undergo extensive procedures to address all the issues mentioned above. The first step is to remove all of that excess skin and immediately create a better profile and smoother shape. This will tighten up the neck and provide that youthful feel you’ve been missing. Furthermore, this will help to get rid of all the deep lines and wrinkles, as well as any sun spots on that sagging skin.

Beyond that, necklift specialists can work to tighten up the muscles underneath. This allows for a much deeper restructuring of the neck to make it much smoother and more appealing. This will not only help fix those cosmetic issues with the platysmal bands but also slow down the aging process.

There is also the chance to work on some of that excess fat around the neck and chin. This will help with improved contouring and make the neck lift even more advantageous for patients.

The extent of the surgery and the work needed will vary from one patient to the next. Your surgical team will go over all your options in your consultation and explain the potential benefits. The end goal here is to give you a youthful appearance and neck shape that fits your needs and your body. They may discuss options with you that you hadn’t considered, but they won’t push you in any direction. The final choice is always yours.

Is A Necklift The Right Choice For You?

If you can see the signs mentioned above on your neck and are struggling with your self-confidence, a neck lift could be the answer. However, this isn’t a decision to take lightly. These procedures are invasive and require a lot of time and commitment. You need to discuss your options with respected necklift specialists and see if you are a good candidate or not.

The bottom line here is that our necks will change with age, and this can get a lot worse with bad posture and practices. We can get those weakened muscles, jowls, loose skin, and other problems that show our age. The question is whether you are okay to deal with that as a natural part of aging or if it’s time to book a neck lift. Take your time, weigh up your options, and do what’s best for you.

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