Why Texas Residents Should Apply for Medical Marijuana Cards

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If you have one of the approved medical conditions in Texas, you can get a marijuana prescription to purchase cannabis legally. You’ll need a valid ID and a consultation with a physician registered in the CURT system. The talk is similar to a doctor’s appointment and takes about 15 minutes. 


Eligible Texans suffering from debilitating conditions can get medical marijuana prescriptions from state-approved physicians. These medications can alleviate pain, reduce nausea, improve mood and relieve other symptoms associated with certain conditions. For instance, a person with multiple sclerosis may experience less nerve pain and muscle spasms. Moreover, a person with Parkinson’s disease can feel less muscle stiffness and reduced tremors. The State has a simple and fast process for getting a medical marijuana card in Texas. The process requires a phone call or video conference with a physician licensed by the State to evaluate your medical history and determine your eligibility for a medical marijuana prescription. Once a physician has completed the necessary administrative tasks to add your profile to CURT, you’ll receive a letter of approval that protects your rights to purchase medical cannabis at Texas dispensaries. It can be done online and at no additional cost. Medical cannabis is an excellent alternative to opioids.


Since 2015, Texans have had access to medical marijuana through the State’s Compassionate Use Program. The program allows physicians to prescribe low-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabis products to people with certain qualifying conditions. These products include tinctures and THC-infused edibles, but smoking is not permitted. Unlike other states, Texas does not issue medical marijuana cards; the physician will enter your prescription in the State’s registry, CURT. This registration gives you legal protections if you are confronted by law enforcement. A legitimate diagnosis of one of the qualifying diseases and being a permanent resident are requirements for receiving a medical marijuana prescription in Texas. It would help if you also found a certified physician. To find out if cannabis is right for you, you can make an online appointment with a doctor in your area. To determine whether you are a candidate for cannabis, your doctor will review your medical history and perform a physical exam. They will also assess your risk-to-benefit ratio and enter your prescription into CURT. Afterward, you can buy medical marijuana at any licensed dispensary in Texas.


If you suffer from any qualifying conditions in Texas, you can obtain a medical marijuana prescription to treat your symptoms. It will allow you to buy low-THC cannabis and consume it legally. The process is quick and simple if you know the right steps. First, you must visit a physician registered with the CUP-Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. These physicians are available for consultations via telemedicine and can issue your medical marijuana prescription quickly. They will also enroll you in the CURT system so licensed dispensaries can access your information on the State’s database. When you make an appointment for a consultation, your doctor will need about 15 minutes to assess your symptoms and decide whether you need a Texas medical marijuana card. If they do, they will provide you with a valid marijuana prescription and register you on the CURT system so that the State, dispensaries, and law enforcement can verify your eligibility to purchase cannabis. Your medical marijuana doctor will also recommend a dosage and type of medication for your specific symptoms.


Getting medical marijuana in Texas has become a much more affordable option for those suffering from chronic pain. Many people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease seek an alternative to opioid pain medications, which often have adverse side effects. Medical cannabis alleviates the symptoms associated with these conditions, including nerve pain and tremors, without the dangerous side effects. Although the price varies from State to State in the US, getting a medicinal marijuana certificate in Texas often costs less than $50. It includes the initial consultation with a physician, which is required before patients can obtain a prescription. Once the consultation is complete, your physician will enter your information into CURT, the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas, which licensed dispensaries can access. After the details are validated, your prescription will be valid for one year and must be renewed yearly. 


Texas’ medicinal marijuana card application process is quite secure. Unlike prescription medications, cannabis has much lower chances of addiction and almost no overdose cases. Cannabis, as an alternative to conventional prescribed opioids, can be quite beneficial for many people who experience chronic pain. If you’re unsure if medical marijuana is right for you, consider consulting a physician who can evaluate your condition. You can find one by searching the State’s database of licensed physicians. During the evaluation, your physician will determine whether you have a qualifying condition and whether it is associated with significant suffering. They’ll then enter your medical marijuana prescription in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). Once you have a valid medical marijuana prescription, you can purchase low-THC cannabis at any dispensary in the State. It is a huge convenience for patients as it allows them to avoid paying retail and excise taxes that would otherwise be levied on recreational marijuana. For the best results, be open and honest with your doctor.

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