Why You Need an Employment Lawyer Before You Start Hiring

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This blog is for all the start-ups and small businesses that are considering expanding and are exploring the early stages of recruitment. Recruitment is just one part of the journey towards building your team, with retention just as important if not more so when it comes to establishing your business as a good, fair, and respectable employer.

But if there’s one piece of advice that we urge businesses of all sizes and across all industries to never overlook, it’s the importance of an employer lawyer. Here are three reasons why you need an employment lawyer in London before you start hiring.

1. Employment laws and industry standards change all the time

First and foremost, there are so many changes that occur within the employment law sphere that you will need someone whose role it is to keep on top of and communicate those changes across your business.

Legal terminology can often be a bit of a minefield for those who are not embedded in the industry, which is why we not only provide hands-on employment law management for our clients at all stages of the recruitment process but can also deliver seminars and workshops on actioning legal changes across the business.

2. You need to understand workplace boundaries before hiring

Here’s an argument for bringing in legal support before you make your first hire – an employment lawyer will enable you to recognise and understand the boundaries which surround each role that you are hiring for and will help you to make those boundaries clear in job descriptions and contracts. The best way to avoid costly issues later on in the employment is to communicate the role clearly from day one, and that means making sure that all the boxes are ticked.

This includes identifying the terms and conditions of employment, details like holiday allowance and various benefits, notice periods, and more. An employment lawyer will help you to determine these details and then relay them succinctly.

3. Employment lawyers can check all contracts before signing

One of the top benefits of having a dedicated employment lawyer in place, whether as an in-house hire or via an external partnership or annual employment retainer, is that they can check all contracts and official documents before they are sent out.

From an employer-employee perspective, this ensures that both parties can sign, safe in the knowledge that their best interests are protected. In addition, when an employment lawyer is involved in the creation and signing of contracts, they are well placed to then advise on contractual details or to sort through any issues or concerns later down the line.

Whether you’ve started the process of marketing your vacancies or not, having the support of an employment lawyer in London will grant you the peace of mind in knowing that your business is ready to take on the obligation of managing others. Get in touch with Just Employment Law to find out more about our annual retainer, our ongoing services, and how we can help your business grow and expand.

Jess Allen
Jess Allen
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