Zion Mixolydian Cannon: Who Is He? All The Information You Need

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Looking for the Mixolydian cannon of Zion? We cordially invite you to discover more about “Who is he”, his family, and other facts about him, such as his siblings and educational background. Our objective is to give a comprehensive overview of Zion’s honours and distinctions.

Who Is Zion Mixolydian Cannon?

The famous offspring of Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon is named Zion Misolydian Connon. His parents’ faces are probably some of the most identifiable in the entire globe. Nick’s mother is a rapper and singer, while his father is an actor and well-known television personality. His mother, Abby La Rosa, addressed her over the pregnancy.

The couple is expected to give birth to twins on June 4th, according to media sources. according to a confirmed video that Abby Cannon published. Additionally, they gave their twin children the name “Zillion”.

Nick Cannon, an actor, has already fathered nine kids. Since then, he has dated several women, but as of right now, he is wed to Brittany Bell. He also wed Abby De La Rosa, Zion’s mother. He has another child on the way with the woman who gave birth to Zion.

What Zion Mixolydian Cannon Was Like As A Child

Zion is the son of a well-known celebrity couple in America. His brother Nick Cannon is another name for him. He was raised by affluent parents who are among the top US millionaires.

The youngster and his twin brother were both born in America on June 14, 2021. He was born with mixed ancestry because his mother is American and his father, Nick Cannon, is of African American lineage. He was raised in a wealthy household that lived an opulent lifestyle. His mother is a renowned singer, rapper, model, DJ, and show presenter Abby De La Rossa.

In terms of his family, Zion Mixolydian Cannon has a twin brother named Zillion. She also has further siblings from her own mother and previous stepmothers. Moroccan Scott Cannon, Monroe Cannon, and Golden Cannon are his siblings. Bri Tiesi was born, only a month elder than Zion Mixolydian Cannon.

Characteristics Of The Zion Mixolydian Cannon

Brown eyes and black hair describe Zion. He is healthy, according to medical norms, and his weight and height are typical for a toddler. Regarding their online presence, Zion and his brother Zillion each have an Instagram account that was created by their mother.

Family of Zion Mixolydian Cannon

Nick Cannon, Zion Cannon’s father, comes from a line of heavenly names. People frequently refer to one another as Zion Mixolydian or Zillion Cannon. Additionally, the names of the other siblings are similarly drawn from constellations.

The fact that Nick Cannon anchors well-liked programs like “The Nick Cannon Show” and “America Got Talent” is well-known. In television media, The Mother of Zion is also a well-known figure. Nick and Aby also have a daughter named Queen Cannon in addition to Sagon.

Of five siblings, Zion Cannon is the youngest. His birthday is June 14, 2021. Nick Cannon, a renowned presenter, actor, rapper, and comedian, is his biological father.


Zion Mixolydian Cannon was born in the country on June 14, 2021. celebrity infant with well-known parents in the entertainment business. Nick Cannon is the child’s father, and Abby De La Rosa is the mother. He is one of a total of six children, two sisters and four brothers.

Zion Mixolydian Cannon’s actual brother is Zillion Heir Cannon. He is also linked to his mother, who has a net worth of between $4 million and $5 million. He is the grandchild of televangelists James Gardner and Beth Gardner. Zion has black hair and brown eyes. His weight and height are ordinary.

The career of Zion Cannon

Zion Mixolydian Canon is just 18 months old, having been born on June 14, 2021. He, therefore, has a slim prospect of establishing a career. Together with his brother Zillion, his mother created his Instagram account. They each have amassed more than a thousand followers since then.

Reactions of the public to the relationship between Nick and Abby, their children, Zillion Heir, and Zion Mixolydian

Abby De La Rosa is allegedly Nick Cannon’s girlfriend, despite the fact that not much is known about them. Abby, who has more than 71k followers on Instagram, shared images of her pregnancy there. She shared a video of herself holding her newborn children with the caption, “Welcome to the world Zion Mixolydian Cannon & Zillion Heir Cannon” Myworld hashtag twin boys.

Nick is renowned for giving his children unusual names, despite the fact that the name does not seem to be a common one. Twitter was swamped with memes, jokes, and congratulations comments in addition to individuals sharing their thoughts on the names. Many of them were upset and shocked that Nick had given his children the names Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian.

In addition to Monroe and Moroccan Scott, the first fraternal twins Nick ever had, he is the father of four additional children. He wed Mariah Carey, a famed pop singer, on April 30, 2008, and she is the mother of their children. The couple separated after six years, and their divorce was finally formalized in 2015. The children are now ten.

The following kid Nick had in 2017 was a gorgeous baby boy named Golden “Sagon” Cannon with well-known model Brittany Bell. The couple welcomed their second child, Powerful Queen Cannon, in December 2020, but their relationship dissolved soon after. Nick gave birth to a second set of twin boys in June 2021, however, this is not the end since Nick will soon become a father. Nick Scott and Alyssa Scott, the well-known WildNOut background actress, are expecting a child.

Nicholas Cannon’s Response

The audience asked a few queries in addition to debating the unusual names of Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian. On social media, where Nick is active and posts behind-the-scenes films of his new program, he has not shared anything about his boys. More questions were raised since Nick was not visible in the video that Abby shared.

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