5 ways that you can follow up with your guests after their stay

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In the hospitality industry, it is vital that your guests are always satisfied with their experience. They should enjoy their stay from start to finish and should be perfectly positioned to provide recommendations to their loved ones. If you are going to keep standards high, you will need to communicate with your guests effectively. This will help you to learn valuable lessons about the services that you are providing. Below are five ways that you can follow up with your guests after their stay.

Consistency is key

It is vital that all of your guests receive the same treatment and are given the opportunity to provide feedback on their stay. Otherwise, you will only hear from your extremely pleased or extremely disgruntled visitors. That is why you need to adopt a consistent approach. You could use marketing automation software to automate your digital marketing activities. This software platform is ideal for repetitive tasks such as booking confirmations and follow up emails. It is the perfect way for you to ensure that no guest slips through the cracks.

You should also purchase easy-to-use management tools, such as ALICE Concierge. By doing so, you are proving the tools necessary for your staff to remain organized and provide a consistent service your guests will love. Software such as ALICE means you’re able to exceed your guests’ expectations before they return home and send you feedback, catching you off-guard.

Online customer feedback

When you get in contact with your guests, you will need to offer them an appropriate way to offer their feedback. Ideally, you want to choose an online form, as this will help to make the process easier and quicker. If you are struggling to get the feedback that you need, you could always try an anonymous survey. This won’t work for customer reviews, but it will be a great source of information in regards to the running of your establishment.

Make use of social media

If your establishment has its own social media pages, you will need to encourage your guests to interact with you online. Perhaps they could post their favorite photos, and you could share them via your Instagram account. Alternatively, they could compose positive tweets about their stay. Not only will this appeal to your existing audience, but it could also send you customers from your client’s pages. Hopefully, their followers will be inspired to find out more about your services.

Remember your recommendations

If you do receive a booking due to a recommendation, it is important that you make a note of this. Perhaps on your bookings form you could have space for your guests to include the details of the person that directed them to your establishment. Then, you could send this person a note of thanks. You could even treat them to a discount code or a voucher, as this will provide them with an incentive to keep promoting your establishment.

Introduce a loyalty programme

To keep your guests coming back for more, you should think about establishing a loyalty programme. One option is to give your guests loyalty cards that increase in points with every stay. These points could qualify them for a free drink, a free meal, a free spa treatment, or even a free night’s stay.

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