Why Perception Matters in Business Positioning

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Offering a first class service or a high end product isn’t quite enough to establish a prestigious business reputation. While both are vital part of any business, there is another equally important part of the equation.

Location matters

We’d like to think that business ethics and best practices, including impeccable customer service and professionalism, make the best impression on clients. But the truth is that business location makes an equally important statement about a company or organisation.

Where a business is located can not only determine the type of client or customer the business attracts, it can also send out signals regarding the level of success and the likely expense of the services offered. You would naturally, for instance, expect a business located in the office space Belgraviah as to offer to charge more for their services than one whose offices are on a back street in a less prestigious area.

Just as location counts when selling houses, it matters to the same extent when you want to portray established reliability and quality on the business face you present to the world.

First impressions count

It’s an old truth that there’s only one chance to make a good first impression. It’s harder to build the reputation of high-end business services if you start from a low platform. While it may seem counterproductive to sink funds into the appearance of your business, if you want to attract the highest quality customers, you need to present the highest quality face to the world.

Well-kept premises with a prestigious address make the best first impression, sending subliminal messages that a business is not only profitable but professional. The assumption is that the business is also knowledgeable, bringing expertise and skill that may otherwise be lacking in a similar business located in a lower quality office.

Small things matter, such as modern, professional reception areas, even if these are shared with other businesses occupying the same office block. Lifts to upper office areas for the convenience of both staff and clients signal an upmarket, dedicated and business-focussed operation that runs efficiently. Paying attention to the seemingly small things in the office building you choose to locate your business in can mean a world of difference in the type of clientele you attract.

Business positioning

Recognising the importance of a prestigious address is the first step towards securing the type of office that will do the most work for your business. Building the necessary funds into the budgeting plan is the second step. Once you accept that the office you need will incur a certain cost, it’s easier to find ways to meet that cost.

Bear in mind that raising the stakes as far a business expenses go doesn’t mean you will lose money or reduce the level of profitability. A higher level business is expected to make higher level charges. Being confident in the service you offer is key to recognising the benefit of positioning yourself correctly to attract the type of client you wish to work with.

Marry your high end product or service with an equally high end address, and your business foundation is strong for future growth.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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