6 Planning Your Family Motorhome Holiday: A Quick Guide

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A motorhome holiday is the perfect form of escapism. Why would you want to stay in the same hotel for the entire holiday when you can enjoy a different setting every night, far away from other tourists? If you are planning a family holiday, this can be one of the most exciting types of holidays for children, and it will be a holiday that you will all remember for the rest of your lives.

However, the success of your motorhome holiday depends upon a certain amount of careful planning, so here is a quick guide to planning your trip.

Decide Upon Your Destination

The first thing that you need to do is decide where to go in your motor home. You may want to stick to the UK, but you could just as easily travel to Europe or beyond. That is the beauty of motorhomes – you can go wherever you want.

A good way to plan your destination is to find a good campsite guide. Try to choose a mix of campsites near to cities and out in the countryside to enjoy a real mix of scenery on your holiday.

Plan Your Route

When planning your actual route, start with the campsites as described above, and then choose which ones you want to stay in on which nights. Make sure you do not have long stretches of driving without a break, and try to limit your daily driving to a few hours a day so that you can spend more of your time exploring your surroundings.

Find the Right Motorhome

Once you know where you will be heading, you will need to rent a suitable motorhome. If this is your first motorhome holiday, renting is the best option. If you decide to do it every year, by all means buy one for yourself, but for the first time it is a better idea to rent one for a few weeks and see how it goes.

You can easily find places to rent a motorhome online, and just make sure you choose one that comfortably fits all of the people in the party. You should also consider whether you want it to be very simple, or whether it should have all of the mod cons.

Plan Lots of Activities

If you are travelling as a family, you will not want to spend every second of the day and night together inside the vehicle. To avoid this, plan to visit lots of attractions, including shops, tourist sights, castles and towns so that you don’t all get fed up of each other’s company.

Start Planning Early

The most important thing of all is to start planning your holiday as early as possible. The best campsites may get fully booked if you are not quick enough. The earlier you start, the better you can plan for all of the things that you will see and do along the way.

Enjoy a Fantastic Family Holiday

Motorhome holidays are the perfect way to do something different and ensure that everyone has a real adventure. They do not have to be expensive, and often they can work out as cheaper than staying in a resort. You have the freedom to go wherever you wish, and you know that you will never get bored because you can always move onto the next campsite whenever you want. So keep the above planning tips in mind when you start to think about your motorhome trip, and enjoy a different family holiday this year.

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