A Multilingual Website And Its Benefits

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Websites play a key role in opening your business to the world. Your world can be as small as the city you operate in or could encompass international borders. Yes, keyword optimization, ad campaigns, and promotion are important in making the website popular, but these are tactics used mostly for search engines and social media channels. When it comes down to brass tacks, the ease of navigation, the UI and most importantly, the language used on the website matter a lot for visitors. You might just be satisfied with developing a website in the primary language used in your demography, but is that where you want your business to be limited? This is where professionals like Cultures Connection offers site translation for any kind of business to make your website accessible to any category of users or visitors. Below mentioned are some of the benefits you can have by having a website translation service for your site.

The benefit of reaching foreign country users

Foreign Country users

There are multiple benefits of having a website in different languages and offering a choice to visitors. You could opt for geo-redirects, where users from a specific location are shown pages in a specific language, or more simply, have an option on the homepage to select a preferred language. If your website has already been optimized for keywords, it is easy to keep track of the traffic you receive in terms of daily visitors and the locations they are from. If the visitors are increasing in number from another country, it makes perfect sense to have the website translated to the language used in that country and carry out keyword optimization for that. This will allow your search engine ranking to be boosted further and faster. You could argue here that Google can translate the website and the situation is handled. But many languages in the Asian continent have connotations, accents, and forms that do not originate from Latin, Greek or Cyrillic and are not properly understood by a machine. A humanized translation is the safest and best option in such cases. You do not want the information on your website to be misrepresented, especially if foreign demography is taking an interest in your products or services.

Translation makes your products or services understandable for different areas

Translation makes your products or services understandable

English is a pretty versatile language. Over time, the English language has accommodated words from various other languages. Words like journey, boomerang, guitar, restaurant and many more were never in the original English language. While the language is growing by adding more and more words to its repertoire, there are still places where it can fall short. Even while the English-speaking population is large, it is nowhere close to nations like China, Indian, Japan and other Asian nations where the non-English speaking population is larger, and they all are massively growing economies. Pitching your product and services in these markets is a surefire way to boost your business. Thus, clearly explaining your products and offerings in the required section of your website in the most succinct way possible is the best choice. You might have a flair for the English language, but there are better ways of expressing them in other languages.

You can share your ideas and values in the native language

share your ideas and values in the native language

The basis of any organization is the mission, vision, values, and ethics followed by its people. It would surprise you to know that for a new company overseas, people often read about the company intently, rather than just deep dive into the products offered. Having a few good lines about your company and its values translated into another language by a person can make all the difference in attracting or detracting visitors to your website. While you are at it, why not consider adding some pictures from your workplace, of smiling employees and weekend parties? Let your prospective customers know your company is made of people, not just a brand name. You’ll be amazed by the response you receive. Who knows, maybe you’ll even land a few interested interns!

Site translation helps getting closed to users thought, feelings and needs

Site translation helps getting closed to users

It is no secret that every demography has a certain way of perceiving products and services. For example, in the West, purchase decisions are mostly made based on the immediate utility and the future longevity of a product. The value attached to a product or service is mostly for the first user. In most Eastern nations, products and services are looked at and weighed in as per their use and function from a family’s perspective. Thus, the marketing also changes for the same product in these two broad demographics. Likewise, your website needs to have content that is custom-tailored to fit the psyche and consumer behavior of the visitor from a country or demography.

It is easy to dismiss the thought of site translation if you don’t consider business growth, but hard to keep it out of your mind if you know there’s a whole segment of customers who would be interested in your offerings but just don’t understand your language too well.

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