Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Walk In Shower

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Renovating a bathroom to accommodate a different amenity isn’t an easy task. You need to plan to properly install walk in showers to ensure that they will work properly. It’s not going to materialise overnight, so you need to consider several logistical factors. You want to create a safe and comfortable space, and you need to keep it within your budget, too.

Here are a few blunders that a homemaker must avoid if they want to incorporate a walk-in shower in their bathroom.

They don’t figure out the space allocation

Among the usual blunders that homemakers commit is underestimating the space allocation. For example, some homemakers think that a walk in shower needs an enclosure, but that isn’t the case. There are plans where you can accommodate a shower without the doors, or you can choose a thinner glass partition. It still works as you incorporate the shower efficiently.

They don’t locate the showerhead properly

You need to select the best showerhead for your purpose. Don’t just choose one from the shelf and think it will serve your needs perfectly. Ask the salesperson regarding the features and the requirements for your selected unit. There are stationary, flexible, rainfall showerheads and other such models, and each one has its pros and cons. Choose wisely to avoid problems with water flow and overflow.

They don’t make sure that the floor slopes slightly

One of the worst blunders that a homemaker can sign off on is having a flat floor because it may cause puddles to form. These puddles may cause accidents, so it is better if the floor slopes a bit to accommodate the water flow to the drain. If you want a flat surface, make sure the drain is situated a few millimeters below the floor to facilitate water flow. Also, make sure that there’s waterproofing so there wouldn’t be any structural problems too.

They don’t choose the right tile

Your tiles will always accumulate dirt and grime due to usage. Better choose a tile that would resist moulding and other similar imperfections. You can ask your contractor about it so you can make the right choice. You shouldn’t think you wouldn’t need to clean your tiles periodically. You will have to use some elbow grease regularly to keep the area as sanitary as possible.

They don’t consider the privacy

Some homemakers fail to consider that installing a transparent glass partition guarantees privacy, especially if they fail to lock the door. You should look into the opacity of the glass enclosure if you want to put them. Some elegant glass models would create a barrier when tapped or programmed to go opaque when the door opens.

They don’t install the right pipes

When renovating your bathroom to accommodate the shower, you need to ensure that you have the right pipe system installed because you wouldn’t want to have a water backlog. Don’t forget to ask your contractor to do it.

Final thoughts

Installing a walk in shower is a great decision. However, homemakers must avoid specific mistakes to ensure that they’ll enjoy an amenity that will help them relax and take care of the day’s stress.

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