Comparing Google, Yahoo, and Bing: Can You Use the Same Marketing Strategies for All of Them?

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Many marketers are under the assumption that if their website is ranking really well on Google, it must have the same ranking on Yahoo and Bing as well. Unfortunately, many marketers find out the hard way that this is not true. Most SEO experts at Eventige agree that it is critically important for anyone who has a website to focus on optimizing it on all three search engines. You could miss out on traffic, leads, and other opportunities if it is not properly optimized for each search engine.

There is one thing that you should understand first. Yahoo and Bing have created a type of alliance. This is good news for marketers and online businesses because this means that they really only need to focus on two search engines. The results in Yahoo and Bing will likely be the same.

This guide will help you learn the facts so you will be able to understand the similarities as well as the differences between Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You will also understand factors related to search ranking and why you should consider optimizing for each search engine separately.

SEO Similarities between Google, Yahoo, and Bing

When it comes to backlink profiles, both Bing and Google place a lot of weight on the quality of backlinks. This is one reason why it is pertinent to make sure you do not have any bad backlinks to your site.

Another similarity these search engines share is the local search results. It is important that optimization and page content is appropriate for the keywords you are using for local results. This simply means that the keywords you are selecting are relevant to the geographic location you are targeting.

The paid search feature also works the same in all of the search engines. However, keep in mind that these spaces are not permanent locations for your ads; they are rented spaces. So, if one of your competitors outbids you or you go over budget, your ads will no longer appear.

SEO Differences between Google, Yahoo, and Bing

There are noticeable and subtle differences between the three major search engines. These differences are mostly based on how these search engines evaluate websites. The following outlines these differences more in depth.

When it comes to page authority and domain age, Google does not place as much emphasis on the age of the domain as it does regarding the backlinks that pointing towards that domain. Google also looks favorably on domains ending in .gov or .edu. They generally have high-quality links and good content.

Bing places an emphasis on the age of the domain when considering rank, and like Google, it favors .gov and .edu sites.

Tips for Optimizing on Yahoo and Bing

Although Google controls almost 70% of the search engine market, Bing and Yahoo account for almost 30% combined. These two search engines are still a force to be reckoned with and are influential in helping you get discovered online.

When trying to optimize your site for these search engines, remember these tips:

  • Be sure to submit your site so it will be indexed
  • Title tags are critical
  • Use exact keywords
  • Have quality content
  • Have quality backlinks

The major changes by these browsers require that you stay updated on any changes that could affect your website’s position in the search engines. Always cover every base when optimizing your site for SEO.

Austin K
Austin K
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  1. Excellent post! When we are talking about search engines, I remember about two special things in my mind. First, I want it to be easy & simple. Second, I want it to be exact and consistent in providing relevant search results. Google wins on both steps.

  2. Informative post! I have compared all three search engines, but Google is providing accurate and consistent results. Sometimes Bing and Yahoo were fine, but at end I go with Google and that is better than any other.

  3. I am of the opinion that we must optimize the site of Bing and Yahoo. If both brings 30% traffic and you can better optimize for long trail keywords so you can be on top in bind and can get a traffic which if you opt for paid ads i.e adwords will be much cheaper. Well both the search engine now give more importance to mobile friendliness and fresh contents.

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