5 Things You Can Do with Unwanted Presents

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We have all received a present we do not like at some point. Unfortunately, many people often allow the unused item to go to waste, as they worry about coming across as ungrateful.

While you will not want to appear rude, your loved one would not want you to keep a gift you do not like. So, to help you out, we are offering five things you can do with unwanted presents.

Re-gift the Item

You might not have fallen head over heels in love with a gift, but someone else just might. If you know someone who might love the gift far more than you, re-gift the present to a family member or friend. That way you can ensure it goes to a good home and it will also save you money, too. Just do not make the big mistake of giving it back to the person who gave you it in the first place!

Repurpose the Present

Depending on the present, you could always repurpose the item to create something completely new. For example, you could paint and embellish a photo frame until it complements your taste and style. If you are a dab hand with a sewing machine, you could turn an item of clothing into a cushion, bag or purse. Visit Pinterest for some creative inspiration.

Auction the Gift Online

eBay is the perfect place to sell your unwanted items. Therefore, if you don’t know anyone who might appreciate the item for their birthday, sell the gift on an auction website. People will pay good money for the product, even if you would not. You never know, you might even sell the present for more money than it is worth.

Sell Your Gift Cards

Do you have a gift card you will never use? Well, why not sell it online? All you need to do is visit ejgiftcards.com, and they will provide a free quotation for your gift card, which you can choose to either accept or reject. If you are happy with the offer, the company will transfer the money into your PayPal account. So, you can use the money on an item you would really like. After all, it is what your loved one would have wanted.

Donate the Present to Charity

If you want to make use of an unwanted present and do something selfless at the same time, you could always donate the unwanted item to charity. For example, unwanted clothing could be given to a homeless person who is in desperate need of clothing in your size. The item could also be sold in a charity shop, with the money raised donated to their vital services.

There are so many ways to use an unwanted present, and you can guarantee a loved one would rather you sell, repurpose or donate the item rather than letting it go to waste. So, stop wasting your friends and family members’ money and put the item to good use today.


Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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