Things to Know About Unique Biker Jewellery

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Motorcycling is not merely a hobby, it is a way of life. Only a true biker will understand the importance of accessories that make their machine ride complete. Biker jewelery is much more than mere means of decoration and showing off. As much as bikers love their motorcycle, they value their accessories. Let us have a look at how bespoke jewellery for bikers is much more than a style statement.

Jewellery for men and women alike

Normally, people associate jewellery as a woman’s territory, bikers do not believe in gender based demarcation. The typical designs of their jewellery are symbolic of their freedom, their alternate lifestyle, and also a mark of their dedication towards their clan. Biker men and women take pride in their choices and wear such accessories with élan. The designs of biker accessories are suitable for both men and women.

Jewellery for the biker’s lifestyle

Passionate motorcyclists tend to be part of a group of like-minded and passionate people. They are on the road a lot. Their zeal and passion for this lifestyle are reflected in their accessories. What makes them different from other people is that they wear their attitude in the form of accessories like a skull ring, skull necklaces, skull cuff, skull/ dragon/ gothic pendant and other accessories like bracelets, necklaces and belt buckles. Their similar jewellery reflects their unity and pride as a group.

The motorcycle of a biker spells class and elegance and is a direct reflection of the person’s attitude. Accordingly, they spend a lot of time and efforts in the regular maintenance of their mean machines. When they come out on the road, they turn heads with their presence. The jewellery that they wear adds to their personality. Therefore, passionate bikers are almost never seen without their jewellery.

Symbols of violence

It is not uncommon for biker accessories to be in symbols depicting unrest and violence, for example, skulls, dragons, knives, guns and bones. This is because the beliefs of passionate bikers are not like those of the ‘usual’ people. Hard core bikers tend to love freedom and have a carefree attitude. They also face a lot of resistance from the society as they follow their passion. Therefore, these symbols become the closest representation of their lifestyle and have no correlation with the nature of bikers per se.

Colours for jewellery

The most common colours for a biker’s jewellery and accessories are silver and black. Although personal choice may vary and some bikers may prefer gold too, colours other than silver and black are rare in the world of bikers. Silver and black together have a very rough-and-tough appeal that is in close conformity to the lifestyle of bikers.

Jewellery for bikers is much more than simple accessories. It is a way to express their identity and life choices. It is a direct reflection of their ideology and attitude. There are many retailers like Bikerringshop that keep all these points in mind and create bespoke designs that appeal to true bikers.

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  1. As someone who has been a biker for more than 10 years, biker jewelry is not only accessories. It’s a way for us to express our mind and show the world our lifestyles. If I would ever leave my house without at least a ring on, I would feel really weird to be honest.

  2. Men’s biker jewellery is looking wonderful and delightful. Most of the colours for a biker’s jewellery and accessories are silver and black. I bought 2 pairs of the latest design of biker jewellery for from Fashion One Link. It looks like very cool.

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