Electric Underfloor Heating: The Pros And Cons

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Underfloor heating is growing in popularity and is widely used in both commercial and residential design projects. If you are considering whether this is the right feature for you then look no further as we have a handy guide to the pros and cons of electric underfloor heating in today’s modern builds.

The pros

Helps create beautiful home design

Electric underfloor heating is becoming especially popular with those who want their homes to fulfill their design potential. With today’s modern home decor trends, creating a minimalist look often requires little to no clutter and vast, spacious interiors. One of the current home decor trends is Scandinavian chic. This look sees cool-toned walls and flooring, mixed with sleek and stylish focal points. Typical flooring choices that work well are sanded wooden floors and parquet flooring. This design trend would work perfectly with underfloor heating, leaving plenty of free space for exciting statement pieces.

Space-saving made easy

When designing or renovating a home it is important to work on any space-saving tricks that may prove useful in the future. Opting for electric underfloor heating could save you from having to find space for bulky radiators and instead allow for more freedom when considering where furniture and accessories will be placed.

Easy to install

Installing electric underfloor heating doesn’t have to be complicated. Experts can guide you through the process and help to identify which types of underfloor heating are right for you. Different options are available for various areas of the home and can be installed under a variety of different flooring types.

Cozy and warm homes all year round

Another benefit of electric underfloor heating is that you can maintain your home’s temperature to the desired levels no matter what time of year. The settings are adjustable and easy to control. You don’t need to be overly technical to understand the inner workings and achieve cozy, warm homes during even the coldest of months.

The cons

Is it worth the initial cost?

Many people are cautious of the initial cost of installing underfloor heating. Whilst the cost is not usually excessively high, there are a few aspects to think about, such as replacing or completely removing any existing flooring and the cost of hiring a qualified electrician to install everything. Weighing things up with quotes and information is a good first step.

Can be tricky to repair or replace

Electric underfloor heating will ensure that your home stays at the perfect temperature for your whole family. However, if something goes wrong it can often be a little more difficult to fix than standard radiators. Removing flooring may sometimes be required so this is worth keeping in mind before installation.

May not immediately generate heat

The heating produced by electric underfloor heating may not always be quite as instant as turning on your radiator would be. However, when you weigh up the benefits, you may find that the consistency of temperature that can be achieved overall outweighs this.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that it works for you and your family!

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