Five Designer Clothing Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

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1 – Realistic Representation of Women’s Bodies

One of the most welcome new trends in designer fashion is that designers will begin to use curvier looking models to showcase their clothing. This will be a welcome change from the fashion industry’s insistence on using size zero models – a practice that has been blamed for making women the world over unsatisfied with their normal sized bodies. Indeed, the fashion industry is constantly being blamed for the sharp rise in eating disorders in teenage girls over the past 20 or 30 years.

One of the world’s top agencies, IMG is set to combine its plus size board (this is the term used for an agency’s grouping of models) with its straight size board. Incredibly a straight size board refers to models who are about 3’10” tall who have 34” hips, while plus size refers to models of a larger size (like real women the world over).

2 – Be on the Lookout for Harbison

One of the new names to look out for in 2016 will be designer Charles Harbison. Harbison is a graduate of North Carolina State University and began his career as a textile designer. This was followed by contributions in the womenswear ranges at Michael Kors, Luca Luca and Billy Reid. Harbison launched in Brooklyn in 2013 with a collection for women that combines femininity with a hard edge. All of Harbison’s womenswear is designed and produced in New York with materials that are ethically sourced, an increasingly important issue with today’s modern woman.

One of the most popular items in Harbison’s spring collection was the Fox Fur Infinity scarf – a luxurious fuchsia and red coloured cowl that promises to keep you warm in style. Harbison’s line of statement coats are versatile as well as chic and promise to add a well loved item to the wardrobes of fashionistas the world over.

3 – Off Shoulder Chic

Get set to make the most of your shoulders in the coming months because off-the-shoulder designs are set to come back in a big way. Although the designs may cover the chest right the way up to the neck, shoulders will be left bare to accentuate this beautiful part of the female anatomy. If it’s asymmetrical that you’re after, look out for designs that leave just one (kissable) shoulder bare. This bare shoulder style is heavily featured in the collections of some of the most popular designers like Dior, DKNY and Celine.

4 – Say it with Flowers

Floral prints are set to make a comeback in an elegant new way. Spring is a great time to think of (and wear) flowers – it will brighten your days and leave you feeling fresh and girlish, whatever your age. So many of the top designers’ collections feature floral in a variety of ways. Oscar de la Renta , Miu Miu and MSGM have all jumped on the flowery bandwagon to bring us a fresh new look that will delight divas the world over. Dolce and Gabanna’s floral fabrics are perfect for a sunshine look to lift the spirits in the coming spring time, while Alberto Ferretti’s designs borrow from European folk art prints for a traditional look brought right up to date.

5 – Belt up and Bombs Away

The bomber jacket is back with a brand new twist. Newly styled and shaped to suit the female figure, the elegant new look bomber jacket is the latest fashion item to die for. Team it with a dress in spring’s new floral fabrics for maximum effect. While you’re at it, don’t forget to cinch in the waistline with great new belt for an ultra-feminine style which will wow your friends and family alike. The ladylike flowery dress combined with a fitted leather or denim bomber jacket is a great new spring look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Suitable for both city and country, this is a great new fashion statement that will scream out “look at how beautiful I am”.

Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion and like to buy exclusively from designer womens clothes stores or you like to make sure you have some great classics in your wardrobe to team up with high street bargains, these five new fashion trends are all you’ll need to see you through spring and summer 20146 in the most stylish manner possible. The important part of clothing is a brand logo, its design and its digitizing.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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