Highest Alcohol Content Beers in the World

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A lot of guys believe that beer is the greatest thing ever formed. It looks great, tastes great, and makes you feel great after a few too many. People have only recently learned, though, that there are a lot of strong drinks out there.

Opening a cold beer is the best way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. On the other hand, a simple VB might not be enough for those of us who are stuck in the never-ending loop of craft-beer elitism.

Some of these beers are so strong that they have more than 60% alcohol by volume. That is what you read right. But why did these drinks start out being so strong? It’s clear that some of these brewers didn’t put a lot of thought into the taste or quality of these beers. Many of them did it because they liked the taste of the beer, others wanted to try something new, and still others wanted to break the world record for the best beer.

10 of the Highest Alcohol Content Beers in the World in 2024


Snake Venom is the world’s highest alcohol content beers. There is a warning on the beer because it has 67.5% alcohol. That is what you read right. The first beer was made in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The brewmaster made the Snake Venom in 2013 because he wanted to make beers that were different. The beer is made with smoked peat malt, two kinds of yeast, beer, and champagne. Even though it has a lot of booze, you can still taste malt, hops, and caramel. Beers like this one are called lagers and brown beers. We suggest sharing the drink so that you don’t fall under the table after taking a sip.


Before Snake Venom, Brewmiester’s Armageddon shook the beer business. This 65% ABV beer was made to be the right mix of beer and whisky that we’ve all been looking for. Armageddon is made with only crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats, and pure Scottish spring water. It doesn’t have as much cutting-edge technology as Snake Venom. Brewmeister Armageddon is without a doubt one of the heaviest beers we’ve ever seen. It’s a total attack on the taste buds.


In a Dutch brewpub, this beer was made. The world used to know it as the strongest beer in the world. A lot of people who have tried this beer have not liked the taste because it was made more to try to set a record than to taste like beer.


The famous Scottish brewery that now holds the record also worked with the German company Schorschbrau to make a strong beer. It’s a mix of Eisbock and a Belgian Golden Ale that was aged in whisky barrels. For the Eisbock process, the drink has to be chilled before it is mixed again.


Also, the German brewery Schorschbrau has set out on its own to make the world’s best beer. The Schorschbock 57 has 57% alcohol, as its name says. Some people have said it feels like their throat is on fire.


A company in California called Rock Bottom Campell has made a 56% alcohol beer that is easier to drink than the others. It is a light ale that has been mixed with passion fruit, guava, and orange.

7. Beer Spirit of Christmas -40%

Baladin, an Italian business, made a beer with 40% alcohol because Italy didn’t want to be left off the list. The beer looks like wine because it was aged in wood barrels for three years. It’s a smooth coffee with chocolate notes.


Belgium, which is known for making great beers, has also added a strong one. The Strauss Brewery made an imperial stout that was 39% alcohol. You could argue about how the other strong beers taste, but the strong alcohol in this stout beer has made it taste better. As a result, a great drink is made that tastes like coffee, chocolate, and peated whisky.

9. Beer Nuclear Penguin (32% less)

Tactical Nuclear Penguin was made by the Scottish company BrewDog. The brewery, which makes craft beers, has also opened beer bars in Paris and Brussels. Even though they usually focus on making high-quality craft beer, they chose to take on a difficult task and make the strongest beer in the world. The beer has a 32% alcohol by volume (ABV). The goal was to get people talking about Scotland’s craft beer scene.

10. THE BEST BEER OF 2017 -28%

Sam Adams Utopias 2017 tastes more like old cognac or port than like a normal beer. Even though Utopias has a lot of alcohol in it, it’s surprisingly enjoyable thanks to its dark fruit flavours, light sweetness, and deep, rich maltiness. According to the brand, the makers used several types of yeast during fermentation, including one that is usually used for champagne and a “ninja yeast” that is made to keep fermenting in a place with so much alcohol.

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