Know About Alignment & Resizing Of Existing Digitized Embroidery Designs

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Changing the size of the digitized embroidery designs is not as easy as changing the size of an image. These digitized designs contain stitches of varying quality. To resize the design, we need to keep in mind the adjustments of the stitches.

There are times when clients asked for the same design on different products. It is evident that the single design cannot fit on every product. But, as an executive, we should always be prepared for such times, even if the client has not asked us to be because you never know when does the client’s mind flip and he will change his decision. It is a test of your professionalism and you must work of exerts like Megri embroidery digitizing services to make your clients happy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Type and Length of the stitch

The easiest way is to digitize the design in such a way that it is not difficult to change size in the future if required. With the help of embroidery digitizing software, you can easily select the multiple columns and edit them all at once. You can also change the size either to a size larger or smaller. You need to change the running stitches to column stitches if you want to convert your design to a bigger size but keep in mind, do not stretch the running stitches more than required as they will break. To avoid this breaking you can use extra files in the design.

Use of Texture

Underlay settings

There is another problem occurs when we resize the design and it is the underlay destroys. To get rid of this, what we can use extra underlays when designing. Using extra underlays will solve the issue. If you do not apply this before, we need to add layers later on. So, it is better to add some before rather than keep worrying about it after it is done.

Use of Texture

When we enlarge the design, little details are exposed more. A blank pattern starts showing up if we do not cover these details. And to do that, we add a background to the edited designs. Fill-up layers are used in the background. You can use multiple fill layers in one design to make it stand out.

So, these were a few tips. Hope you find them useful and apply them the next time you are up to designing digitized embroidery.

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