How to Create a More Energy Efficient Business

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It has been reported that commercial premises are using more electricity than necessary. As companies are becoming more reliant on various technologies to run their business, they must aim to reduce their energy usage as much as possible. By doing so, they can lower their utility bills while protecting the environment.

There are a number of ways businesses can decrease their energy consumption, and, in turn, promote to customers that they are an eco-friendly business. Find out how you can create a more energy efficient business.

Develop an IT Policy

Your IT equipment will more than likely consume a considerable amount of electricity each day. Introducing an IT policy could help to reduce your bills and safeguard the planet. For example, you could instruct all employees to switch off their computers when not in use, and to use the most energy-efficient setting.

Change to More Efficient Lighting

The wrong lighting cannot only consume a considerable amount of energy, but it can also reduce productivity in the workplace. If you want to save money and increase efficiency, you should consider changing your lighting. For example, you could switch old lamps in a warehouse to more efficient, long-lasting LED high bay light solutions, which can suit your building width, height and wattage requirements.

Reorganize Your Office Space

Business owners should regularly review their office space to ensure they are using the premises to its full potential. For example, if there are many empty desks across the business, with employees spread out, it might be helpful to reorganize your office space to bring staff together. Removing desks and reorganizing workspaces could help to reduce energy consumption, as you could turn off lighting and reduce electricity usage. What’s more, it makes Efficient business sense, as it can encourage communication and collaboration.

Improve Your Premise’s Temperature in an Eco-Friendly Manner

There are a number of ways you can improve your workplace’s temperature in an eco-friendly manner. For example, you can keep the heat out of the office by closing your window blinds, so you and your employees don’t need to power up a desk fan. You could also invest in insulation to keep your workplace warm and comfortable during the colder months.

Conserve Water

Don’t overlook the importance of reducing your water usage. If you have a landlord, ask him or her to send you an itemized water bill, which should be separate from their other tenants. You can then focus on different ways to reduce your water consumption. For instance, you could add flow restrictors into the water pipes, or you could install eco-friendly taps.

Utilize Solar Power

Instead of spending your company’s hard earned money on electricity, you should utilize the sun’s natural UV rays to power your business. Installing solar panels onto your business is a great long-term investment, as the natural sunlight can power your computers, lighting, and printers. It can help your business to reduce its overheads while ensuring your company lives up to its environmental responsibilities.

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