Popular Beauty Trends For 2022

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Some beauty trends come as a surprise while some are expected but whether you are someone who likes to order a brow lamination kit or someone who likes to spend out on expensive products, we like to keep you ahead of the latest beauty trends for 2022.

So, let’s take a look at what you can expect this year.

A love for expert skincare

Those brands that come backed by science are growing in popularity because people are now recognising the importance of using the right products on their skin. They want to make sure that the products they spend money on work in the right way and generate the results they expect.

Cut price care

It is impossible to overlook the cost of living crisis and with this comes an increase in cut-price care. Consumers are feeling the squeeze even more and so, they are now looking to turn to affordable beauty solutions. Despite this, they still have ethics and morals and so, they still want sustainable products and vegan-friendly options.


This might be the fallout after the Covid-19 lockdowns, but it seems as though people are going to become more daring when it comes to their make-up. People feel as though they now have the confidence and the ability to express themselves through creative make-up and so, you can expect new looks as more people explore the freedom of finding their own look.

Enhanced haircare

Haircare has always been a big thing, and this is something that comes around every year as new products and trends emerge. However, there are now more products than ever before that focus on taking care of the scalp. People are now realising that taking care of their hair is more than just the actual hair and more about the scalp too. This is another trend that comes off the back of Covid-19 as consumers experienced hair loss through stress and worry.

Beauty that is inclusive

There is more emphasis than ever on inclusivity, and this is especially true when it comes to beauty. There are now many campaigns taking place whereby beauty brings together people of all body types and backgrounds. The aim is to remove the stigma around the entire beauty industry and that means that things such as feminine hygiene are being placed in focus. Furthermore, you can expect to see many different shades of foundation to suit different skin tones and ethnicities.

Beauty self care

As well as inclusivity, wellbeing is another issue that is prominent and one way of making ourselves feel better is to make ourselves look better. As a result, you can expect more people to spend more time on their beauty routine to help ease any stresses or anxieties that they might have.

Beauty trends are really changing during 2022 and there is a real focus on sustainability, inclusivity, diversity and self-care, all of which are going to be the driving factors behind the beauty trends you see this year.

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