Questions To Ask Your Estate Agent Before Selling

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You’ve decided to sell your home and now need to find an estate agent to sell your property for you. So, you need to make sure that estate agents in Chelmsford are ready to act on your behalf and provide a service you expect. With this in mind, what should you ask them before deciding they are right for you?

What fees and costs do they charge?

Estate agents will charge a fee for their services so you should expect to pay some sort of fee. This will be a percentage of the property price and if you opt to sell with multiple estate agents, this can be higher. You might also have to pay to have your property valued and there might be marketing costs although these should be included in the cost.

When do fees get paid?

You should make sure you find out when fees are paid, so you can prepare for them. Some want the fees paid upfront and you might have to pay a fee, regardless of whether your home sells or not. If the fee is a commission then this will be paid when the property sells.

How will you market my property?

Choosing an estate agent is a big decision but you have to make sure that they are doing as much for you as possible. Therefore, marketing your property is vital as they have to make sure that the right people will see your property. So, ask them where they market your property and what methods they use. Will they use online selling platforms as well as social media and what sort of media will they use as some will create amazing videos of your property to increase interest.

Will you value my property fairly?

You want to make sure that your chosen estate agent values your property correctly. What you don’t want is an estate agent overvaluing your property so that they get more fees. Ask them how they value your home and what similar homes have sold for in the past.

How quickly do properties like mine sell?

You can ask estate agents how long they take to sell properties like yours although speed is not always important. What is important is the way in which they market your property in order to achieve the best possible price.

Do you have buyers ready and waiting?

Due to the competitiveness of the market, buyers are now queuing up to purchase properties so it can help to know that they might have someone ready to purchase. If they do have a list, it is proof that they are taking a proactive approach to sell properties.

Who will handle viewings?

This might come down to your preferences, but some estate agents will expect you to carry out viewings. Others will prefer to conduct viewings themselves, so you need to determine what they expect and what they offer.

So, when it comes to choosing an estate agent, asking the right questions will help you to make an informed decision.

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