The Ultimate Guide To Kitting Out Your Greenhouse For Spring

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If you want to become more self-sufficient in 2023, you will likely have invested in a greenhouse to grow your crops. By keeping your greenhouse well maintained and in good condition all year round, you will have a safe and stable place to start growing produce. Durable floorings such as rubber mats or paving slabs will help to ensure that your greenhouse doesn’t get waterlogged or messy during rainy months. But what else can be done to spruce up your space so that it is ready for the prime growing season?

Make any repairs caused by overwinter damage

It is likely that after a long and windy winter season, your greenhouse will have suffered some damage. This should be addressed before you attempt to start growing fruit and vegetables inside, saving you the hassle of moving seedlings in and out. This could stunt their growth and leave you with plants that are weak and unsuitable for use.

A good place to start with your repairs is to thoroughly check all the glass in your greenhouse. You should look for signs of damage and cracked glass. It is better to rectify these issues before your greenhouse bursts with greenery.

Cleaning your greenhouse and removing any mould and mildew is another great idea before you begin fully utilising the space. Doing this will ensure that your seedlings have the best start to life, without being affected by pests or bacteria.

Create potting benches and workable areas

While it is tempting to fill your entire greenhouse with plants and seedlings, you may consider creating a small area to use as a potting bench. This is especially helpful if you are limited on outdoor space in your allotment or garden. A potting bench can be created cheaply by using offcuts of wood, or by repurposing free wooden pallets. These can be found for free from local businesses or on Facebook Marketplace. Hang your potting tools such as trowels, forks, dibbers, and more onto the potting bench for easy access.

Think about what to start sowing in spring

Now all that’s left is to start thinking about what you intend to grow this spring! A few things to start with include: –

Onions – you can sow onions in module trays before spring, ready to plant out. Or if you prefer, pick up some onion sets (tiny onion bulbs that have been given a head start on their growing time) and plant these in trays or directly into the ground.

Salad leaves – salad leaves can be grown in your greenhouse now or underneath fleece in your garden. These are fantastic crops for regular picking.

Carrots – carrots can be sown directly into the ground now and will require thinning out before they get too big. If you are planting directly outdoors, it may be wise to cover with protective mesh and interplant with onions to help deter carrot root flies.

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