Top Tips When Buying A Static Caravan

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If you’ve ever been inside a static caravan, you will know what we mean when we say, “style meets comfort”. Often finished with an open plan living space at one end, with bedrooms well positioned to benefit from easy access to the bathroom and corridor, the static caravans for sale on the modern market maximize the use of what is a limited amount of space.

Becoming increasingly popular for holiday lets, family-friendly holiday homes, and even for those seeking somewhere to call home during renovations or work on their property, finding the right static caravan for you requires a combination of budget and requirement.

Here are just a few top tips on what to look out for when buying a static caravan.

What to know when browsing static caravans for sale

The first thing you will want to know when looking at a for-sale static caravan is why is it on the market? Just as you might ask why someone is selling a car or even a property, knowing why they are selling is key to establishing both the condition and comfort levels of the caravan you’re looking at.

From there, finding your ideal static caravan is all about matching your requirements and preferences with what’s on offer.


Where do you want your new static caravan to live? Here at Sunrise Holiday Homes, our vast selection of new and used static caravans for sale are all kept securely in our storage grounds facility, before being purchased and moved to your location of choice. Where that is, is completely up to you, though we advise having an understanding of the regulations around static caravans in your chosen site before committing to purchase.


Is the static caravan big enough to accommodate your preferential need, and does it provide all the facilities you need for optimum usage? If you already have a park or location in mind, it’s worth finding out what facilities they provide and accommodate, and which will need to be brought in with your own caravan.


Static caravans are not cheap, which is why our selection for sale includes both new and used products for wider market appeal. While second-hand static caravans are no doubt much more affordable, make sure that this is something you will use enough to gain great value from it.


If you are buying a static caravan as a summer treat, or something to use on occasion, make sure that your chosen site has the maintenance capacity to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Whatever your reason for wanting a static caravan, whether it’s a holiday home in your favorite part of the country or a home office for your garden, we’ve got a wide selection of static caravans for sale to suit you.

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