What Are New Ideas To Market or Promote An Event?

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Event management is one of the most enticing and lucrative career options today. However, prospective event managers can only thrive in this field if they have the skills to attract more attendees to their events to make them more successful. Individuals starting an event management career without prior experience face various challenges in creating a successful event, such as understaffing, overspending, lack of networking and research, ignoring timeline wiggle room, etc. Pursuing a micro-credential course in Publicity & Promotion for Events will equip aspiring event managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on their journey to becoming publicists and promoting events.

Studying publicity and promotion helps students understand how to use advertising and promotions to attract audiences for various events, including festivals, corporate meetings, conferences, concerts, award shows, hospitality, and fundraising events. The program will teach students to create a media opportunity, event publicity, write a press release, forge links with people, photograph, and other skills.

After completing the course, you will learn new ideas to market or promote an event. This article will delve into new marketing ideas for event promotion that you will discover upon completing the course. 

Event promotion ideas you need to try

Organizing and promoting an event is creative and adventurous work. Even after organizing an innovative event on a large scale, attracting people to it is a significant task. Therefore, we will provide you with some proven ideas to attract attendees to the event.

Influencer marketing

Working with influencers and content creators is the most effective way to connect with your target audience. The Social Media Today report suggests that influencer marketing delivers 11 times higher return on investment than traditional advertisements. Influencer marketing also helps in improving brand awareness and building trust quickly.

Use social media platforms


You can leverage social media platform services to promote your events as an event manager or organizer. You can use reels and highlight features to reach your audience. You can also boost your post to gain an impression from many people.


Geotag the event


Geotag is the new tool to reach customers through location-based targeting. Tagging the location in the post allows people to find you. Combining predictive analytics with geotagging narrows down the behavioural patterns of the audiences.


Offer early bird discounts


Who says no to discounts? Discounts are the most proven ways to attract more people to your event. Setting a deadline for early bird tickets or discounting the limited number of tickets tempts people. One not willing to attend the event also gets attracted to early bird discounts.

There are multiple other ideas to promote your event. Studying publicity and promotion for events courses develops skill sets to advertise your events more effectively. So, opt for the program and gain a competitive edge over others in the event management field. You can choose to study in Canada for a better learning experience and exposure. Hurry up!

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