Some Surprising Differences between Traveling in the US & the UK

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Traveling to different places gives you a unique set of adventures and as well as challenges. While travelling in the US and UK you feel a lot of differences just like driving on the opposite sides of the road.

As compared to the UK there are not many US citizen who travel internationally. While comparison 76% of British citizens have a password and on another side near about  42% of American have passports. They all have preferred methods of getting around and selected places to get to.

There are so surprising ways that travelling differs across the pond

Different driving habits

There is a lot of difference between the driving habits of the US and the UK people. As according to US peoples, driving six hours to vacation is considered as easy and while driving one hour feel like exhausting according to the UK peoples.

The drive from top to bottom of England take about 10 hours, so one-hour driving seems like a comparably long time. In the US, to drive across Texas alone take 14 hours, so six hours driving is comparably a quick journey.

Many UK Citizens use trains for travelling while US citizens prefer planes

The island of Great Britain is so small and almost inexpensive to get around by train. While going from the capital of Scotland “Edinburgh”, all the way down to London is about four hour and a half hour journey by train. In the UK, travelling by train is quite as common in the states as in the UK. Most of the citizens prefer planes to get from city to city due to the massive size of the US

Value of British currency is more as compared to American currency

Citizen of both places feels that their money becomes more valuable in other countries. But as compared to the American currency, British currency has more value and also, Americans are worse off financially as compared to Brits.

Travelling internationally from the  UK is much cheaper as compared to the US

One of the major difference between international traveling in the US and the UK is the cost difference. Ticket cost from the US to other countries including Mexico and Canada costs around $502. On another side traveling from the UK to other parts of Europe costs around $15 or $20. According to the MMGY Global, Americans like to travel domestically than British citizen on holiday and around 85% of American trips are domestic. Whereas UK citizens like to travel out of the country regularly and their favorite destinations are Spain, France, and Italy.

But people of both places like to travel in buses domestically because of the low prices. According to a 2012 study, around 39% of Brits are bilingual and while 20% of Americans carried out their conversation in a language other than English. So you see that there are a lot of surprising difference between travelling in the US and the UK.

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