What Are The Techniques Used In Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry is that branch of dentistry which helps to correct the minor issues with one’s teeth and gives a changed look with a perfect new smile. Earlier, people with uneven teeth, protruding jaw-line or chipped teeth felt conscious about themselves and were embarrassed to even smile in public. But now, there is no need to hide one’s face while smiling.


Now you can get the smile that you want, the kind you see in advertisements and TV commercials. There is a revolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry with a wide number of techniques and procedures. An expert at cosmetic dentistry can not only help improve your smile but also boost your confidence and self-esteem. In totality, cosmetic dentistry polishes your appearance and you feel great about yourself.

It is amazing to know what changes a good cosmetic dentist can bring about in your overall personality. Cosmetic dentistry has really evolved over the past few years. Earlier it concerned only restoration and replacement of damaged and crooked teeth, but with the advent of modern techniques and procedures, it can provide you with nothing less than a makeover! There are many techniques involved in this field like tooth-coloured restorations, bonding, tooth whitening, fillings, dental implants, porcelain veneers, enamel shaping to name a few. Let’s get to know these techniques:

  • Bonding- Bonding binds the spaces between teeth that are broken, chipped or cracked and improves their look.
  • Enamel Shaping-the enamel of teeth wears out due to grinding of teeth. This can be overcome by enamel shaping which involves contouring or removing tooth enamel in order to alter appearance of teeth.
  • Veneers- Veneers are shells customised to cover and alter uneven tooth spacing, worn out tooth enamel as well as cracks and chipped teeth. These shells are the colour of  your teeth and are similar in texture too.
  • Tooth Whitening- Teeth often lose their lustre with age or due to drinking excessive tea or coffee. The process of tooth whitening brightens stained or discoloured teeth.
  • Dental Fillings- Nowadays, the dental fillings are also done of the same colour as the teeth so that they blend with the rest of the teeth and appear natural. Fillings are done to cover the cavities and prevent tooth decay. These fillings provide strength to your teeth too.
  • Dental Implants- Dental implants are very helpful for the people who are missing some teeth. This technique really helps boost your self esteem and makes you feel confident about yourself. You will be able to smile without any hesitation.

For those of you who don’t want to go through the painful and time consuming process of braces to straighten your jaw-line, there is something in store for you as well. A new procedure called Invisalign has been developed which does not involve any pain and awkwardness which is felt due to braces. In this process, you have to wear only a transparent plastic which aligns the teeth. The aligner is hardly visible and you can wear it most of the time except while having your meals.

These techniques and procedures have brought a completely new revolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry. They will help you get rid of your aesthetic dental problems and you will have a new meaning to life when you feel totally confident of your appearance and feel wonderful too. So, go ahead, get the smile that you’ve always wanted. Keep smiling!

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