What Kind Of Jobs Can You Get Without A College Degree?

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It is nice to have a college degree. It opens quite a good number of doors for you. However, a college education is expensive and so not everyone is cut out for it. Therefore, if you do not have a degree, do not go bashing your head against the wall with worry. You can get many jobs without a college degree. Possibly, you could even end up employing college guys to work for you. It has happened, you know.

But first, here are the possible jobs that you can get without a college degree:



You can become a welder and make a median salary of $35000 a year. Now, to do this job, you do not require a college education. You just need the relevant training in different welding techniques. Apart from working in a workshop, there are so many other areas where you can be employed and make some serious money.

Many oil rigs need welders because there is a lot of metal work involved. Shipyards also need welders, and so do rails and road builders. Actually, even if you would love to travel, it is possible to find a job on a cargo ship as a welder. You can then travel to different countries and get paid for it.

The crème de la crème of all welding jobs is when you go into business for yourself. You manage your time and you virtually control how much money you make every year. With a well-established metalwork workshop, you will find many things to do, including making ornamental metal items and selling them.

While welding looks like a dangerous job, there is not a safer job, well, except babysitting. When you are trained, you also know how to keep your working space organized. You may also click this link to see everything you need to know about welding.



Boiler making and maintenance is one of the best paying jobs for people without college degrees. Based on your skill and experience, you could earn anywhere between $40K and $60K, perhaps even more, with time. In fact, it is said that boilermakers in Alaska earn even more than $70K.

Boilers are large vats that hold industrial liquids under high pressure or otherwise. These vats always require careful handling and constant monitoring because if neglected, they could pose a serious hazard.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

This is a very simple job. You work as an assistant to a pharmacist, which also means that you do not need a degree in pharmacy to do that. While you may train for a certificate in a local community college, even without it, you can still get a job.

The pay is between $30K and $35K a year. Most pharmacists will teach you on the job. With experience, you can even be employed in big hospitals. The job prospects for the future are good, so it does not seem as if there will come a time when we will not need these people.

Computer Programming

Computer Programming

This job mostly needs experience and skill more than it needs a degree. Of course, you could always get a degree for the same, but it is not particularly necessary. To be a computer programmer, you need to know some of the programming languages like Java, Python, C++, and others.

Employers are always looking for people with computer programming experience. Coding has become one of the best selling skills right now. Software companies are big employers, so are financial institutions and mobile telecommunication companies. Literary, every business organization may require a computer programmer.

Of course, if you want to excel in computer programming, just having a PC will not be enough. It would be best if you would take at least a few classes. If there aren’t any local courses, you can always turn to online programming courses. Not only they are very different: you can learn not only the basics, but later dive deeper into one of the topics and excel there, but also get a certificate of completion, proving your knowledge. Be sure to check the variety of courses, their descriptions, and reviews before you enroll to ensure that your expectations will be met.

Dive Instructor Jobs

Dive Instructor Jobs

You could become a diving instructor, do something that you love and at the same time, get paid some good money for it, and all this without a college degree. Please note that there is no fixed salary amount for diving instructors.

They can be paid on a salary basis, and they can be paid on commission. Some dive instructors even make more than $4000 in a day, of course, depending on the day itself. Employers include diving resorts, dive shops, schools, and others.

These are only a few of the many good jobs that you can get mainly based on your experience and skill. Thousands of more jobs out there do not require you to have a college degree.

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