How To Choose The Best Home Mortgage In Canada?

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Buying a home is way better than living on rent especially when you are planning to start a family. In this context, always make sure that you are buying a home through a mortgage and not with your hard-earned money.

The reasons to buy a home through mortgage are –

  • You will get tax benefits
  • Your credit score will improve
  • Your overall wealth will not decline.

If you are feeling convinced and wish to apply for a home mortgage, you need to make sure that you are applying for the right one.

But how to choose the best home mortgage in Canada when there are countless lenders with almost limitless mortgage options?

Well, all you would need to do is follow the tips mentioned below –

Hire A Mortgage Advisor

You should readily hire a mortgage advisor with a stellar reputation like Jason Wermie when you are planning to apply for a home mortgage.

The primary reason is that a mortgage advisor will have access to discounted mortgage rates as they are on good terms with the best lenders.

Secondly, mortgage advisors are experts hence, all your paperwork and related formalities will be taken care of by your mortgage advisor.

Furthermore, in case you have a poor credit score then your mortgage advisor will be able to help you get a mortgage – although the process will take some time.

Convincing, right?

Choose The Best Mortgage Lender

As per the opinion of Jason Wermie – a reputed mortgage advisor here in Canada, people planning to apply for a mortgage should take some time and research about the lender they are about to talk terms with.

Researching about a lender reveals whether the service provider is worthy of your time and money.

Mortgage advisors strongly suggest that one should always choose a lender that has a strong track record and a stellar reputation.

Do Not Focus On Mortgages With The Lowest Interest Rates

When you are looking for the best home mortgage, do not focus on the ones that offer the lowest interest rates.

Sure, a low-interest rate will help you to keep the mortgage from becoming a financial burden but at the same time, they might come with hefty penalties or might not offer portability.

Hence, consult with a mortgage advisor before signing over the dotted line, for the best results.

Make Sure That The Mortgage You Are Applying For Comes With Low Penalties

In case you want to refinance a mortgage in the near future then you would need to pay penalties to your lender – it is the norm.

Hence, while choosing a mortgage, choose one that comes with low penalties. Talk in detail with the spokesperson of your lender or let your preferred mortgage advisor help you out in this matter.

Experts suggest that the best step forward is to apply for a mortgage that comes with rates that are fixed for at least 5 years. Applying for this type of mortgage will offer you more financial security and safety – it is as simple as that!


Choosing a mortgage lender here in Canada could be a nightmare for you if you do not follow the tips mentioned above. In this context, it is strongly advised that you consult with a revered mortgage advisor for more details.

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